December 4, 2010

Haram Police & Sheikhs in A Plane

tak perlu komen apa-apa. Nicely done, Ummahfilms!!


Two Sheikhs were on a flight. They saw a women who is inapproriately dressed and just assumed she must've been a Non-Muslim.

This is the text of the video:

((I remember that once I was on a plane from Britain with one of the Sheikhs who appears on a channel [in Saudi]. Whilst we were coming, we were sat in the plane. There was a British man next to us on a chair. Next to him was a woman like him, and she dressed like very inappropriately. She was reading an English book. I said to myself that she must be his wife or girlfriend or daughter or something. I too was reading a book. Sometimes, I used to talk with my colleague.
The sun set whilst we were on the plane. I said to my colleague, Abu Abdallah, shall we read Salah here, or should we read when we get there?
He said, No. There are two hours left [for Maghrib]. Lets read when we get to Riyadh.
I said ok. I continued to read the book.
Suddenly, this woman stood up, opened the overhead compartment, took out her bag, took out her Abaya and her scarf from it, wore them and read Maghrib, even after having been dressed inappropriately!
I said, I testify there is none worthy of worship but Allah, and that Muhammad is His Messenger.
Abu Abdallah said to me, Look shes praying! I said: yes, she is!
I said, shame on our reputation! We are Mutawwa` (religious), but she is praying on the plane!? Get up and lets pray!
We stood up to pray, and she had finished. She returned her Abaya and scarf to the overhead compartment and sat. I went to her and said, May Allah bless you. May Allah reward you...
Of course, I was NOT looking at her when I was speaking to her. I was NOT looking at her. I say this so that nobody comes up and says that the Sheikh gave her took his time when giving her advice, because she was very pretty and when she said that I have understood you so stop! I replied No, you have to understand my advice more! [i.e. none of this happened.]
Whatever is in front of you, then maybe it may have the signs of sin in it, but realise that it may have good in it. Perhaps there is 90% bad, but there is 10% good. So expand this 10% and treat it as 50%. Dont say [to such a person] that You are a sinner/transgressor. because this will decrease that 10% of good. Consider the good to be more. Perhaps Allah shall rectify this person at your hands.))

This reminds me of a friend of mine. Yes, she has done many mistakes that is forbidden in religion, and I disapproved of it. Maybe I was being harsh when I told her off, but she said something very humbling "Yes, I did something very sinful, but this sin does not define my entire being"

Always assume the best of others.

I remind myself, before I remind others.

December 1, 2010

rambling away

1. Today is my first day in my job rotation. Product Development macam sangat best and interesting. Tapi macam byk kerja and byk scope. Tapi best sebab dia byk kerja. tapi tak best sebab dia banyak kerja. APAKAH???!! Kerja makin bertimbun, stres pun makin bertimbun. Tapi masih lagi rasa seronok. Omaigod, make up your mind.

2. I'm developing a taste for architecture and design. Woohooo!

3. What is wrong with people these days. So freaking obsessed with Illuminatis and the End of the Day i.e: Kiamat. Look, I'm not denying that Kiamat exist. Memang aku percaya habis la kan, Rukun Iman kot. In fact, to a certain degree, I do feel the Judgement Day is getting closer. So what are you gonna do about it? Run around in circles and tear you hair out? What I do not agree is people SPECULATING when is it gonna happen. Some are just freaking outrageous. You see Muslims believing 2012 is Kiamat. Just now I saw a friend posting on FB a link saying that Kiamat is gonna be in 2066 or whatevs cause ada hadith "sahih" kata Umat Rasullullah can only last 1500 years. Sorry, but in the article there's nothing that quotes the hadith. As long as it is not in the Koran and hadith, I am in no obligation to believe in it, let alone this is just some random article from the Internet. You can't even tell the writer's credibility. For all you know, it's some mad zionist getting a kick seeing Muslims getting reeled up on lies. Probably he's a Muslim with no knowledge at all pun.

4. Aku tak marah orang yang baca, Tapi aku marah si penulis tu. I understand your intentions. You wanna spread awareness so people can repent and stuffs, but don't you think benda ni dah terpesong aqidah? As far as I know, even Rasullullah does not know when is the date of Kiamah, so how can us mere mortals know? Yeah, yeah, put in whatever scientific revelations, but it is still SECOND HAND INFORMATION. Pass me the link to the supposed scientific research, give me the reference to the hadith. When I say reference, kasilah sanad dia sekali.Then we can start talking. Ni tak. Whoever the writer is, he/she just states that it is from a reliable hadith. Kalau reliable, apsal tak taruk reference? You have that responsibility as a writer. What you claim is heavy stuff, dude. Nak pulak orang Islam sekarang asal nampak title religion je, terus percaya sebab takut nanti salah la, kafir la, apalah.

5. I always wonder about this, kalau taubat semata sebab takut, taubat tu ikhlas ke? I don't know, just asking.

6. Don't let me start on the Illuminati craze. Bapak bangang.

Statistics 101:
On the scale of 0 to 1, 0 being the possibility of an occurence will never happen and 1 is the certainty that an occurence will definitely happen. Where does the Illuminati shebang stand?

Answer: Between 0 to 1.


I cant possibly prove that they don't exist, but neither can I definitely prove that they exist to destroy the souls of mankind or whatevs. The probability of 1(100%) will mean, in my definition, this bozos from the Illuminati club comes up to us and say "Hey, saya seorang Illuminatus, tujuan saya panggil mokcik2 dan pokcik2 disini sebab nak bagitau saya nak bawak keluar Dajal dengan mengeluarkan iklan2 dan logo2 syarikat yang ada pyramid/ satu mata. Harap maklum."

Kalau derang wujud pun kau nak buat apa? rilek-rilek je la. Ni ko obses ngan derang, tak ke derang dah menang.Pastu tambah lagi dengan segala prediction merepek meraban tu.

8. Aku makin hangin bila ada yang tanya, apsal ko suka nak cari kerja ngan Yahudi/Cina/Illuminati? Jawapan ringkas: that's where the money's at bitches. Lagipun, apa yang ko boleh belajar dari kerja yang "senang"? Memang ada lessons dia, tapi ko tak belajar dengan meluas/mendalam. Ko kerja ngan Yahudi, ko boleh tau apa yg buat dia successful, so praktis la balik. Bukan semua benda dari orang lain jahat. Serious aku cakap, bila kerja ngan Nestle dulu masa praktikal, apa yang aku belajar dalam masa 3 bulan tu mungkin lebih berharga dari aku kerja 3 tahun kat tempat yang kasi keselesaan kat aku semata-mata sebab aku dilahirkan kaler coklat. Biar ko kena maki/rasa insecure/stress separuh mati sekarang, asal kau ada ilmu kemudian hari.


November 28, 2010

Smokey Robinson

Imagine the number of babies that were conceived from this song. Why can't they make good songs like this anymore. Ni tak habis-habis sex,party,drugs, sex, girls,bling-bling,more sex, kill, kill, kill, die,die,die.

Record labels, I would like to have music back, please.

November 25, 2010

time ni..

Masa tengah stres ngan kerja
Presentation cuak bagai nak mati
Rasa insecure bertubi-tubi (haha, dah jadi pantun!!)
teringat kiwi

Rasa happy.

Maori culture 101. This is Moru. Moru is inspired by the shape of an unfurling fern, signifying reborn, or birth of a new life. I fell in love with the symbol once I knew the meaning behind it and bought one. I've never taken it off after the trip. Entah kenapa di bukak one day, and I start being careless with it and lost the necklace. Dammit, I feel like I need it now more than any time else.

November 23, 2010

Muslim Demographics

I'm in a mood for a lot of videos nowadays. Assuming that whatever that is in this video is true, this is such a whooooaaaaaa moment.

So here's what i get from this video.

1. The number of Muslims in the world is increasing. Alhamdulillah.

2. No wonder there are many attacks on Islam lately. I always wonder why these people are so hateful to Muslims, so now, I have my answer. They are afraid. Afraid that the world as they believe should be won't be around in the nest few decades.

3. Other people is planning to counter these growth. What are they doing?
a) Bad PR for Islam and Muslims
b) Increasing their efforts in evangelizing their ideologies.
c) generally trying to break our spirit in our Faith.
Which is all fair, in retrospect really. They believe that truth is on their side, we believe that truth is on our side. Fair game.

4. What we should do?
a) keep the supply up, keep the babies coming people!
b) Increase in supply is important. Increase in the quality Muslims is important too.
c) educate the Muslims that the faith is not a lost cause. Be true to the religion, and all that lah.

5. Seriously people, the answer does not lie in terrorism. It lies in us understanding the beauty of this peaceful religion. Come whatever provocation, maintain your cool, practice our religion just like how it should be practised. With kindness and a logic reasoning.

November 21, 2010

Kimi wa boku no tomodachi :)

I love the message in this song! Even when I passed this song to my non-Japanese freak friends, they agreed that it was the sweetest song. I guess it's true what the video is portraying, even if the whole world is against you, what matters is the relationship that you have with that other person. eisyyy, Ken Hirai's work has the tendency to make me cry!

It's amazing how music breaks language barrier. The first time I heard Ken Hirai's song was during an opening for a J-dorama, Love Revolution. I thought man this guy could sing. So I checked out his other songs. Love, love, love and Rakuen (which means Heaven in Jap) really speaks to me even without me understanding a thing that he said. Memang dalam hati ada taman lah when I hear him sing Love,love,love!! And yes, I cried when I heard Rakuen even before I got the translation to that song. His voice is able to translate the core meaning of the songs. Seriously, he is one of the best singers in my opinion.

*wipe tears*

November 20, 2010

Money CAN buy you happiness

Money can by you happiness.
It has been proven that money can even by you a soul
If it's the right price.

Damn me and my virtuous dignity.

November 18, 2010


Kalaulah dakwah cara mengaib dan memaki orang tu berkesan,
Dah lama dah Malaysia jadi negara paling Islamik,
Sebab kita ada Mastika dan Pesona dan whatever.

Kalaulah betul semua orang yang bencikan mungkar,
Pergi sound orang yang mungkar tu depan-depan,
bukannya setakat bersembunyi di sebalik skrin,
Takda maknanya budak-budak ni berani nak buat.

Tapi hakikatnya?
"fikir sendiri", kata ayahku.

Biar betul lu berani nak sound derang.
Aku tengok paling berani pun takat geleng kepala je.
Balik rumah mengumpat.
Pastu tepuk bahu sendiri,
"Alhamdulillah, aku tak macam tu."

Karang kalau anak korang jadi camtu,
aku tukang tepuk tangan je.
*clap clap*

November 17, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha

I was browsing through some of the pictures in FB, and I came across the kad raya that I gave to Malin and in brought back fond memories..BABE, I RINDU YOU!!!!!hahah

Dear Sayang


Hari ni I malas sikit nak fikir benda berat- berat. Orang selalu marah I bila I sebut lain sikit dari orang lain. Ni I pakai I-I ni pun mesti orang geli. I dengar Steve Jobs pun nak saman I sebab I dah pakai preffix-I.


Hari ni I tamau la pikir pasal masalah dunia. Masalah kerja pun tamau. Itu lagi beberapa jam nanti baru I fikir. Malam ni I nak citer pasal U sorang je.


Time ni mesti kawan I semua dah nak pengsan. Mesti derang marah sebab I tak pernah citer pasal U. Dah la I tak pernah bawak U jumpa derang. Derang tak paham, U kerja apa, U belum ready, kan sayang? Bawak jumpa mak bapak I pun belum, takkan nak bawak jumpa derang kot.


I ingat lagi masa kita mula-mula keluar dating. You punyalah malu. Dah la time tu you masih budak hingusan lagi. I rasa seksa gila bila tengok you terhegeh-hegeh kat minah tu. Apa yang dia ada??? OK, I tau dia cantik, pastu kaki dia cantik bila pakai mini skirt, but kamon la, she's not me. Nasib baik last- last you tau sapa lagi awesome,kan?


I tau I jahat gila bila I tinggalkan you untuk laki lain lepas kita baru je kenal beberapa bulan. Tapi, percayalah sayang, sekarang ni I sayang you sorang je =)


U sangat tres chic okay!!! I ingat lagi dulu u suka sangat pakai shirt lumberjack yang besar2 dulu. Sekarang pun orang suka pakai shirt kotak2 tu. Ni suma Yuna nye pasal. Hehe. Rambut you pun dorky. Actually, sekarang pun u dorky lagi, tapi tu la yang buat I suka you!!


Macam mana you tahu bapak I suka kereta klasik?? Ni hadiah nak kasi bakal mertua ke? Eiii, you ni pandai la amik hati orang tua I....


You tak kata pun you boleh cakap French!! Actually, I bukannya minat sangat bahasa French ni, cam nak terkeluar kahak je, tapi bila you nyanyi, rasa seksi la pulak...


I love you!!!! Sekarang ni I nampak muka you makin macam Heath Ledger. Jangan you jadik macam dia okay!! Dah la you ni rapat sangat ngan Nolan tu! I bukan tak suka you kawan ngan dia, I rasa dia memang pengarah yang boleh buat filem "orgasm minda", tapi movie dia ni, cam suwey sikit la, kena mandi bunga dulu kot.


I rasa mesti dah ramai orang muntah berbaldi-baldi sampai dehydrated. Ala, derang jeles je ngan kita, kannn kannn kannnnn!

November 15, 2010

Hijab and Me (Part Dos)

So where was I? (I told you it's gonna be a long one. haha)

I think I've covered the external hurdles quite alright. Moving on to what used to stop me from wearing the hijab. The reasons that came from my own self.

I used to say, I want to wear the hijab, but I'm not ready yet. In school, my time was "after I got married". You know, cause you want to wear those gorgeous Vera Wang wedding dress, and let's face it, baju kahwin melayu melampau sangat labuci and laces and what nots dia. No, you don't want to wear hijab before you get married cause your reception is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, and dammit, you wanna look good, and you can't do that with your head covered. Or so I used to think.

The other one was my lifestyle. Once you started hijab, you can't go out to the places that you used to go, you can't hang out as much with your guy friends (especially for the late night sessions). And being me, I'm kinda used to the "hey, ho, bertepuk tampar" thing with my guy friends, so memang tak eloklah kan kalau pakai tudung buat cam tu (honestly I'm still working to fix that, haha). Yep, I put off my decision again.

So yes, I had the same dilemma as what some of you are going through now. We know that the hijab is an obligation, but we're just not ready yet. Doesn't this sound familiar?

"Tamau ah pakai tudung, tapi buat perangai tak elok sume"
"Buat pe pakai tudung tapi muka terpampang kasi BJ kat mat rempit tepi longkang?"
"I think I'm not ready yet, maybe once I dah semayang, dah tak buat benda2 ni semua I pakai. Buat malu nama agama je kalau I pakai pastu buat benda tak elok"

Believe me, this things were always coming out of my mouth. You want to wear the hijab, once you feel that you are mentally, physically, and ibadah-wise ready. But there's a fallacy to that idea.

No one's perfect.

You want to wear hijab when you've become perfect, but no one's perfect. Ergo, when exactly will you be able to wear the hijab? Or to ask this question in a wider perspective, when are we gonna change into something good? I realised this one fine day, and it was the same day I decided to wear the hijab. It was nothing dramatic really, in the afternoon I was temaning my mom to buy a few scarves, then when we wanted to go to dinner I just decided "maybe I should cover this head of mine". Nearly two years down the road, Alhamdulillah, the scarves are still here to stay.

I think many have heard, read, watched testimonials of hijabis and how their hijab actually liberated them. I'm sorry, but at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I'm one of them. Wearing a hijab was kinda like how a dash of cold water was like to a drowsy person. You know things are there, you know it's important, but you couldn't gauge how important some things were before. It made me more aware of my place in the society, and contrary to popular belief that hijab is a symbol of oppression to women, I became more of a "feminist", LOL.

I wanted to prove to people that this girl with the scarf wasn't oppressed, dumb or submissive. I became more competitive and I was eager to show people the other side of Islam, the side that wasn't always portrayed by Muslims, when the fact is, it should. I read more about the world and Islam, more about Islam really, and I fell back in love. it wasn't like I didn't care about Islam before, rather, it was sidelined,it wasn't the priority as much as it was now. Hijab made me want to be a better person, and in a way, I think I already am a better person, and could be even better in years to come.

All these long-winded grandmother stories was just to prove one thing: YOU CAN'T WAIT FOR SOMETHING GOOD TO HAPPEN BY ITSELF. Yes, you might think you're not worthy to carry the Muslim image now, but you have to start somewhere. The state of "readiness" that you're looking for is not about whether you're willing to let go of your lifestyle now, rather, it depends on whether you want to START to be that better person and take that leap of faith. I know I took mine, and it was one heck of an adventure. I'm still far from being perfect, I still curse A LOT, I'm still struggling tu cukupkan lima yang wajib (there, a confession!) and there are many many more vices that are unislamic or just screwed up with me really. But I took that baby steps, and I'm still learning to walk, and there are many "fall flat on your face" incidents, and many more to come, but for now,

This is okay :)

November 14, 2010

this song is on replay

I Don't Want To Live On The Moon
covered by Joseph Gordon Levitt

Well, I'd like to visit the moon
In a rocket ship high in the air
Yes, I'd like to visit the moon
But I don't think I'd wanna stay there
I would like to look down on the earth from above
But I'd miss all the places and people I love
So although I might stay there for one afternoon
I don't want to live on the moon

I'd like to visit the sea
I could meet all the little fish there
Yes, I'd travel under the sea
But I don't think I'd wanna stay there
I could stay for a day there if I had my wish
But there's not much to do when your friends are all fish
And an oyster and clam are not my family
So I don't want to live in the sea

I'd could visit the jungle and hear a lion roar
Go back in time, meet a dinosaur
There's so many places that I'd like to be
But none of them permanently

So if I should visit the moon
Well, I'd dance on a moonbeam and then
I would make a wish on a star
And I'd wish I was home once again
But I'd like to look down on the earth from above
But I'd miss all the places and people I love
So although I may go I'll be coming home soon
'Cause I don't want to live on the moon
No, I don't want to live on the moon
No, I don't want to live on the moon

Hijab and Me


Today, Cik Tasha passed me an article about Hijab, and you can read it here. It's a nice read, and I feel I can really relate to it as I only started to wear the hijab somewhere early last year. Basically, the article talks about the perception that the Muslim community has on women who does not wear their hijab, and how we should adjust this perception of ours.

Let me share my experience on donning the hijab the first time. I was born in a quite liberal family. Liberal in a sense that my parents never forced me to wear the hijab if I don't want to. My parents prefer me to find my own truth, at my own pace. When I was a kid, I asked my dad "why do we have to pray?", and he never gave me the standard answer that elders are fond to give, which is "sebab nanti Tuhan sayang" or "nanti dapat masuk syurga", rather, he said "fikir sendiri", and I can't thank him enough for that. My confidence in my faith came from that, cause I know now that whatever I chose to believe now comes from my own reasoning, not influenced by other externalities. Looking at some people, I think I won't have the same conviction if my parents were the one to force religion on me.

Now, that situation is fine if I were to stay in the same community I grow up in. TTDI people are quite open-minded in a sense that we respect individuals' stand and opinions, even if we disagree with it. But I was forced out of my comfort zone when I have to be in UIA. I had a hard time adjusting to the new surroundings because of one thing; PEOPLE JUDGE. I was forced to be who I am not, most of the time trying to cover the fact that I don't wear the hijab outside of the campus compound. It's hard and sad when you are judged by the people who insists to call you "brother" or "sister" (it's the culture to call someone bro/sis in UIA, supposedly it's to show the love that we had for one another and the unity of Ummah, but I digress). Once, I was literally given "the eye" when I said I was from KL, and the look from the two sisters were like I said I just got out of a rehab centre. One of the dumbest question that was directed to me was "Oh, orang KL, mesti selalu pergi clubbing kan, biasa la, orang bandar," and I replied "Aah, clubs kat sini memang besar mcm stadium pun boleh muat satu KL". Needless to say, these cowards never had the guts to say anything to me anymore :P

Let me ask you this my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, if we really are brethren in spirit, why are you cold-shouldering people who are different than you? Not only that, you demean them, you alienate them just because of a shortcoming? "Aku tamau terpengaruh terjebak sekali dalam maksiat". I say bullshit. If you're influenced, the problem lies in you right? Maybe your faith wasn't as strong as you think it is? Since you really are the "exalted" ones, why not you help out our poor tortured souls? Some people want to change, they just don't know how and they're afraid to and there's like 1001 more reasons why they don't change, and they do need help from you, yes you, the guy on that mighty high horse. There's no point in you only preaching to your tudung labuh/ songkok tinggi friends, cause they don't need it, but we, the lower scums of the Earth needs it and you just turn your cheek the other way. Bro/ sis, remember in the Judgement Day, you can also be held accountable if you have the knowledge but you don't disseminate it.

Really, during the early stage when I was in UIA, instead of getting closer to my religion, I was pushed even further away. But I think I'll write about it some other day. Hahahah.

November 11, 2010

food hunt!

Anith, and whoever that is interested. Let's cross this list off by the end of December!

1. Jagoya Japanese buffet

2. Korean Streetfood in Sunway Pyramid

3. Ikan bakar belakang Istana

4. Seafood kat Klang


6. Burger sepah, Ampang

7. Grilled burger, Wangsa Maju

8. Sup Daging bawah pokok, yg dekat LRT mana tah, and lupa jalan tu T_T.

9. Cheesecake tempat rahsia Lin yang SAMPAI SEKARANG KO KATA NAK BAWAK,TAK BAWAK-BAWAK LAGI..hmmpphhh

10. Red Wok steamboat and sizzling. Sedap sangat ke?

11. Pavlova Alexis Bistro. That huge piece of bliss. Le sigh.

12. Nasi goreng sotong Pak Cik PMS

13. Murni's last few rounds!!!

14. Dux De Lux's Seafood Jambalaya. Ok, ini mungkin tak jadi sebab ada kat Christchurch. I MISS THIS RESTAURANT!!!! *wails*

15. Popia Basah

16. Peking Duck.

17. Alexis' Seafood Pasta Wrap or whatever they call it.

18. SALMON!!

19. Nasi Lemak Cikgu.

20. Dan lain- lain.

October 24, 2010

Quarter-life Crisis

1. Dulu masa kau sekolah kau pandai mencebik bibir bila mak tak bagi party sampai lewat malam. Kau mula berazam "hmmpphhh, bila dah 21 nanti, aku tak nak balik pun mama tak boleh kata apa-apa sebab aku dah besar dan kaya-raya". Masuk umur 23, kawan ajak lepak pergi mamak pun kau kasi warning awal-awal "Ok kot, tapi I kena balik sebelum pukul 12, esok kerja". Oh, kau juga belum kaya raya. Inilah Quarter-life Crisis.

2. Dulu masa sekolah kau rasa Modestos dah up gila babs dan Bangsar tu happening gila la (masa Form 2, Bangsar masih kira cool). Sekarang Modestos dah tutup, dan kau cuma pergi Bangsar sebab ada satu kedai tu nasi daun pisang dia mantap gila. Inilah Quarter-life Crisis.

3.Dulu masa kau sekolah, kau tak sabar nak kerja, sebab nak pegang duit sendiri. Sekarang kau dah bekerja kau perasan kau tak sempat pun nak pegang duit, sebab duit kau rajin berkelana ke tangan orang lain. Inilah Quarter-life Crisis.

4. Dulu masa kau sekolah, kiri kanan orang bagi nasihat jangan ada teman lelaki, semua tu tak elok, dosa, kau kecik lagi. Sekarang, kau belum lagi sempat upload gambar konvokesyen kau dalam fb, sedara-mara sudah mula bertanya "Bila nak kahwin?". Pastu kau rasa cam nak muntah dengar soalan ni. Inilah Quarter Life Crisis.

5. Dulu masa kau sekolah, bila kau tak puas hati pasal big bosses, kau kata "haisssyyy, cam ni ke duit mak bapak aku digunakan?". Sekarang, bila kau tak puas hati, kau kata "haisyyy, camni ke duit aku digunakan? Wait a minute, DUIT AKU????FATAFAKKKKK!!! $#@(*&@^&!%".Inilah Quarter Life Crisis.

6. Dulu masa sekolah, kau optimistik gila nak selamatkan dunia. Sekarang, nak percaya kau mampu selamatkan diri sendiri pun susah. Inilah Quarter Life Crisis.

7. Dulu masa sekolah, kau rasa buat benda jahat tu seronok gila. Sekarang ni, kau tengok orang yang masih hanyut kau geleng kepala pastu kata "bilalah, derang ni nak grow up". Pastu, kau pun tersedar yang hakikatnya, kau pun tadelah se-grown up mana. Inilah Quarter-life Crisis.

8. Kau mula rasa otak berserabut sebab banyak gila benda kau kena fikir sebab tanggungjawab mula bertambah. Nak kasi beban lagi, kau rasa kawan kau dah tak kisah pasal kau. Di situ kau silap. Bukannya orang tak kisah, tapi mereka sendiri ada masalah yang derang kena tanggung. Kawan- kawan kau semua sedang melalui benda yang sama macam kau(atau lebih berat). Sebab tu derang tak terdaya nak lebih-lebih macam kat skolah dulu. Tak percaya? sila lihat newsfeed kau. Boleh kata semua kawan kau tengah emo, bukan? boleh kata semua orang rasa dipinggirkan sekarang ni. Inilah Quarter-life Crisis.

9. Kau rasa semua orang lagi hebat dari kau.Kau mula rasa " aku dah hidup nak dekat suku abad, apa contribution aku kat dunia ni?". Semua orang tengah buat benda yang lagi best dari kau. Kau tahu kau kena bersyukur, dan memang kau bersyukur, tapi perasaan cemburu itu masih ada. Ironic gila, kawan yang kau rasa cemburu tu pun cemburu kat kau. Buru-buru cemburu? Hahaha. Inilah Quarter-life Crisis.

10. Walaupun sekarang ni kau rasa hidup dan dunia ni sungguh palat, masih ada sedikit ruang dalam akal dan hati kau yang berkata "It's not so bad, I think I'll make it, I just don't know how yet." Inilah Quarter-life Crisis.

According to Wikipedia, characteristics of quarter-life crisis may include

* realizing that the pursuits of one's peers are useless
* confronting their own mortality
* watching time slowly take its toll on their parents, only to realize they are next
* insecurity regarding the fact that their actions are meaningless
* insecurity concerning ability to love themselves, let alone another person
* insecurity regarding present accomplishments
* re-evaluation of close interpersonal relationships
* lack of friendships or romantic relationships, sexual frustration, and involuntary celibacy
* disappointment with one's job
* nostalgia for university, college, high school or elementary school life
* tendency to hold stronger opinions
* boredom with social interactions
* loss of closeness to high school and college friends
* financially-rooted stress (overwhelming college loans, unanticipatedly high cost of living, etc.)
* loneliness, depression and suicidal tendencies
* desire to have children
* a sense that everyone is, somehow, doing better than oneself
* frustration with social skills

Ada rasa macam kena batang hidung sendiri? Inilah Quarter-life Crisis.

October 11, 2010

Tips untuk suvive di Universiti itu.

I was watching L'arc En Ciel's TransASIA via Paris concert until I get to the part where Ken got hurt on stage, and I got so upset, so I decided to stop for awhile and recuperate. Drama gila, I know!!! *prays Ken would be alright to continue, cause he is such a sexy-guitar-wielding-machine*.

Since I have *ehemm* experience in surviving UIA, I shall bestow on you minions how to survive it, if you still have to lah (cepat ah sikit graduate! :P). This note could also be useful, if you have plans on sending your siblings/children/enemies to this institution. Do include this manual in their taaruf kit, seriously, it's the least that you could do. Wait a minute. APSAL KAU KEJAM GILA NAK HANTAR ANAK KAU MASUK UIA,HAH????!!!(I'm kidding mama and ayah, you know I love you)

I have no idea what's survive in Bahasa, is there a word for it in Bahasa? Maybe I should invent a new word. The word 'survive' shall be called "menglembu" in Bahasa until DBP decides to move their weight around and come up with new words. Or at least someone with a better command of Bahasa calls me out for being " tatau malu orang melayu tatau berbahasa melayu dengan hebat" which I totally am. Moving on, thennnnn.....

First day of Taaruf

Congratulations to your parents for finally succeeding in persuading you (read: dragging you) to the Matriculation Centre. You feel awkward and scared, I know. Why are these people wearing oversized kurung batik (it's UIA, duh)? Why are they of the same color? How are you going to survive the years? Don't worry! Look around you. Do you see anyone as miserable as you are? Do you see anyone that the parents LITERALLY have to drag them out of the car? Anyone bawling their eyes out? Approach these people. They're gonna be your friends for the rest of your lives. Scared with the overzealous speech that they gave during Taaruf? Call your Taman Tun, eh, I mean school friends to bitch and whine about it (preferably during the talk, so you can tune it out). ALWAYS go back home whenever you have the opportunity in order to remind yourself of who you actually are. Keep your friends close, and avoid eye contact with "THEM". If you're lucky, you'll get extremely wonderful roommates like the ones I had in Matric :-)

Making Friends

This is a tricky situation. Making new friends in a new environment is hard enough. Making friends in UIA is like trying to communicate with alien life forms, you never know whether they're really there or not. I don't believe that misery loves company. I believe company loves misery (huh?). Anyway, I find it helpful to just scan the crowd for people who stood out. Or, just be nice to your classmates in Matric. They're also going to be your friends for life. Also, if someone likes to start their sentence with "Omaigah, I bengang gila dengan UIA bodoh ni, k! Tadi....."

Those are confirmed keepers.

Dealing with the authority

This is an uphill battle. Scratch that. This is as hard as convincing Americans that we are not building a Mosque at Ground Zero. Or as hard as convincing Prof Obiyathulla to give you an A for International Finance. Yep, that hard. I have yet manage to find a way to deal with them, usually I'll use the "flight and flee" strategy. The moment they fight, I flee. But maybe there's a way to minimize the damage. Always have a vacant look. You know, the ones that communicates blind obedience and admiration toward what little authority that these clerks actually wield. Nod your head in agreement ALL THE TIME. Smile and say thank you, even when the only thing that they do is move their mouth to say "Akak pun tak tahu lah. Nak buat camne, dah takdir" when you can't register for your next semester's subjects because the system has blocked you from registering due to the supposed debt that you have with the University (even though when you pay your fees promptly at the start of the semesters, it doesn't matter)

Dealing with Pak Guard

I'm good at this!!! I'm so proud to say I've been driving my car since first year and up to the final semester I never did apply for any car sticker. The trick is, when the pak guard stops you at the main gate, buat muka comel (only applies to girls, sorry). Say sorry, park your car, go through the hassle of taking that yellow form. Now, everytime your car kena tahan, tell them "Saya duduk Nusaibah, pengetua selalu takde" and show them that form as proof. Repeat till next semester. In the event that your car kena saman, go to the office, appeal, and write this on the Comment Part. "Mak bapak saya pergi honeymoon/ jumpa orang sakit, jadi saya terpaksa berulang alik ke rumah untuk menjaga adik-adik saya yang masih kecil dan bersekolah. Saya tidak akan mengulangi kesalahan ini lagi". Repeat till final semester. But most of the pak guard is nice, when they stop you, just do the peace sign and give salam. They'll shake their head and let you pass. If you're a guy, I don't know, offer them ciggies? (don't do this if you're a girl, nak kena pelempang ngan pak guard?)

Dealing with studies and lecturers

Don't plagiarise other people's work. Sia-sia kau dapat scroll nanti, tabley nak rasa bangga, sebab kau tahu, hakikatnya kau masih bodoh. Be honest to your lecturer, even if that means telling them that the reason you didn't go to class was because you just don't have the mood for it. They're not bad, really. As long as you participate, and deliver, who cares if you don't come to class? Derang pun pernah Gila-Gila Remaja jugak, no matter how long ago that was. (Centuries, I presume? :P). I've observed people during class time, and I have to be honest (even if it means offending people), that people are just not into seeking knowledge. You're there in class, but you're never really THERE. I know I may not be the one to talk, but it's like your only aim is to pass/ get an A/ increase CGPA, which I vehemently disagree. People tell me that I'm smart, and they'll cite my CGPA as proof, but really I'm not. The reason why I got those marks weren't because I studied, or I was born smart like some would claim, but it was because I love to learn. My passion to know made me who I am. Let's see the cause and effect events. I love to seek knowledge, therefore I question. When I question, I understand. When I understand, I'm satisfied and happy. The marks was just the effect from those chain of events, it was never the CAUSE. Change your mindset, and i promise you, you'll feel that you truly deserve the scroll when you walk up to that stage on your Convocation Day :)

Wheeewww, that was long.

September 26, 2010

Creatures of Habit (Part 1)

If you don't want to read preachy stuff, skip this. Actually, scratch that, you need to read this.

No matter how incredibly messed up your life is right now, you would still like to think that you have certain boundaries. Boundaries that you will never cross. I'm sure all of us have that justification that tries to convince others, and more importantly, ourselves, that hey, you're not a complete loss. Stuffs like,

"I drink but at least I don't do drugs"
"I do drugs, but at least I don't sell"
"I sell drugs, but at least I don't sell it to kids"

But what if, one day, you decide to say "Screw it, just this once"? Let's play up a situation, shall we?

Ali swore that all though he goes clubbing often, he would never touch the notorious air kencing setan. "Wehh, aku tau la perangai aku cuma mulia sikit je dari perangai setan, tapi aku memang TAK AKAN minumlah. Aku masih ada agama."

Never say never.

It looks like harmless fun. I mean, he has been trying to avoid it since he started hanging out with his friends. His friends called him anti-social, accusing him of not living in the moment, rationalising by saying "ko tak minum pun, ko rasa ko masuk syurga ke? Tengok ah, kat neraka pon ko jiran dengan aku jugak."

Enter his 21st Birthday Celebration.

"Dude, you just have to drink, It's your birthday!"

"Well, OK, just this once". Ali drank his inaugural alcoholic beverage with guilt. Thoughts like I shouldn't, how am I suppose to face my parents, how am I suppose to answer to God were in his mind. He mentally sworn off alcohols, and probably spent the next day,or even weeks contemplating about the mistake that he did.

Moving on, a few months since after the incident had passed. He went out for another night of fun, and the same thing happened. Friends coaxed him, he relented, feeling a bit guilty. Repeat steps. Repeat steps until one day, his friends stopped coaxing him. Why? because he has successfully taken his own initiative of ordering that drink without anyone's help.

"Ala, aku cuma minum sikit je, and only on special occasions". At this point, I would like to ask you, what happenned to his conscience? You know, the one that has been bugging him when he first take that first drink?

Soon, Ali starts to invent "special occasions" to drink. After running out of special occasions, he decided to throw excuses out, and start drinking on a regular basis. Air kencing setan yang selama ni dia sumpah tamau minum dah jadi macam air Coke. In fact, Coke pun dia jarang minum. "Gila kau, nak kena diabetes? Hari tu aku tgk YouTube, derang pakai Coke nak cuci jamban, kau tau?" said Ali.

Haaaaa...panjang kan cerita ni? Apa motif? ada orang terasa ke sekarang? yang rasa diri dia tu tak terasa tu, apa ko buat? mengangguk kepala tanda setuju sambil berkata "tulah, padan muka org yg minum tu, kan dah kene tepek kat muka!"?

Post ini bukanlah untuk menghentam orang yang kaki minum. It's just a general observation on the things that we have done. Look at one vice of yours, and try to remember, how did it all start? Was the situation something similar to the above's situation? If so, why did it have to go like this? Why do we keep on repeating the same thing?

Ever watched City of Gods? The part where they explained Knockout Ned's penchant for murder?

The first time . . .
. . .Knockout Ned saved a dealer from Redhead.
We said no killings. It's a rule!
The second time, Redhead saved Knockout Ned.
Knockout Ned learned that rules have exceptions.
An exception .
the third time, the exception became a rule.

So what happens when we finally cross our imaginary boundaries?

I remind myself, before I remind others.

September 13, 2010

Dear Light-At-The-End-Of-The-Tunnel

Dear Light-At-The-End-Of-The-Tunnel,

They kept saying that you're here, there, somewhere. Dude, give it up already. You're being as elusive as ever, and it stopped being funny ages ago. Can you just come out of your hiding? People say you're awesome and I kinda need some help fighting these demons away. Pretty, please?

Dear Light-At-The-End-Of-The-Tunnel,

Today, the Demons introduced me to another demon. What a surpirse, it was inside me all along! Most of the time, I can ignore them, you know, treat them like white noise. But there are days when they scare the living lights off me (Get it, get it? LOL). I told them to play somewhere else, but man, are they persistent or what??!! Their tagteam games are brutal. Just sayin. By the way, did you get my messages before?

Dear Light-At-The-End-Of-The-Tunnel,

OK, I'm starting to think that you might not exist. But whatever, here's the deal. I'll fight them, and whatever that comes my way, not because of some Herculean strength that I have, not because I'm optimistic that I could win, but because I have to. I'll do this with or without anyone's help, for as long as I can (and I bet you, it will be a long time). I'll trudge my way along this path until I found you, and hell, if I don't, I'll still, most definitely, will make it through, hopefully with limbs and mind still intact. Damn, that's a lot of unnecessary commas and clauses.

Dear Light-At-The-End-Of-The-Tunnel,

You better be worth all these fights.

July 18, 2010

Do NOT impose your ideologies on me

I don't need them.
You don't have to prove anything to me.
Whatever you have to say, I've probably heard of it.

And hell yeah, I respected it as your choice.
I might not agree with it, my whole essence might scream "Nayy!~"
But I'll fight with you to defend your right of making that choice.

But please oh, please,
I do NOT want your ideologies to be rubbed on my face.
So effing what if you're (insert minority/radical group)?
It's neither a blessing nor a curse,
It is what it is.
Other people might gave you hell for it, but I don't.

So pergi la main jauh-jauh.

June 24, 2010

Of Cheese Sandwich

So I made a grilled cheese sandwich just now, cause I was hungry. Offered it to my dad, and had one of the most random conversation ever with my dad.

Dad: Why all of a sudden you learn how to cook?
Me: Cause I have a lot of spare time.
Dad: *looks cynical*. Who's the guy?
Dad: The guy that you learned how to cook for.
Me: Hah???Mana ada sesapa. You people said I cannot cook,so now I cook la (I can, I just don't cook for my family =P)
Dad: *looks cynical* Betul ke ni?
Me: Betullah!
Dad: OK. Baguslah belajar masak. It will be useful when you're living alone.

Only after finishing off the sandwich did I realise the last remark was an insult =_="

June 13, 2010

30 Hari Mencari Cik Muse

Dah lebih sebulan duduk dekat rumah menganggur. Apa pencapaian aku?

Tiada pencapaian.

Oleh itu, sebab aku mahu start gatal menulis kembali, tapi kurang idea, saya curik idea dari Cik Tasha untuk ikut sama projek 30 hari menulis. Jadi mari saya membebel,eh,menulis dengan entri pertama

Day 01- Your Favourite Song

Memang susah nak pinpoint favourite song aku yang mana. Terlampau banyak. Tapi sebab aku baru beli CD Malique and the Essentials dan tengah masyuk melayan lagu-lagu mereka, aku taruk kat sini lagu Mata Hati telinga .

Satu cerita tentang manusia
Coba 'tuk memahami arti cinta
Benarkah cinta diatas segalanya
Hanyakah itu satu-satunya

Yang menjadi alasan untuk menutup mata
Tak melihat dunia yang sesungguhnya
Dan menjadi jawaban atas semua tanya
Yang kita harap mampu mewujudkan sebuah akhir bahagia

Buka mata hati telinga
Sesungguhnya masih ada yang lebih penting dari sekedar kata cinta
Yang kau inginkan tak selalu
Yang kau butuhkan mungkin memang yang paling penting
Cobalah untuk membuka mata hati telinga

Adakah kau rasakan kadang hati dan fikiran
Tak selalu sejalan seperti yang kau harapkan
Tuhan tolong tunjukkan apa yang 'kan datang
Hikmah dari semua misteri yang tak terpecahkan

Indah bukan liriknya? Aku tafsirkan "cinta" yang dimaksudkan di sini adalah cinta sesama seorang perempuan dan lelaki (bf/gf punya cintun la).Aku sebenarnya dah penat gila jawab soalan kawan-kawan/ sedara-mara yang cakap:

"You dah ada boyfriend? Tipulah takde!"
"Kenapa you takde boyfriend"
"You ni memilihlah!"(Ini tipu. Bukan aku yang memilih, tapi orang lain yang memilih.haha!)
"Camne you boleh hidup takde bf?"(pakai oksigen la!)
"Tak takut ke nanti suma dah kena rembat?"
"Orang kata, time universiti la cari bf. Bila dah kerja nanti semua dah ada yang punya"(Kalau ikut logik yang tak logik ini, memang konfem aku single sampai mati, lagipun aku dulu kat UIA, laki normal macam haram susah nak carik.)

Penatlah layan orang yang hidup dia cuma untuk bercintan-cintun ni. Cen't you guys open up your world just a little bit more? Macam lagu ni cakap, betulkah cinta itu mengatasi segalanya, sampai kita tak mahu melihat realiti dunia atau realiti situasi diri sendiri?

Sometimes the heart should follow the mind, sometimes the heart should tell the mind to stay at home and stop interfering-Unknown

But most of the time, the heart can be plain retarded. Especially when you've ignored it for a long time. Which is probably why the brain is anatomically designed to be on top. Mata dan telinga juga berada dekat sekali dengan bahagian otak,bukan?

See with your eyes, listen with your ears, deduce with your brain and act with a heart.

June 6, 2010


1. Baju Checked.

2. Cameras Checked.

3. Films Checked.

4. Charger camera Dammit. Time ni la ko nak hilang. Dah la tinggal satu bar je T_T!!

5. Berlagak dengan semua orang yang kau dah jadi jutawan Checked

6. Downloading songs into handphone. Pending

7. Google apa itu nasi liwat dan kek pan***. Checked.(halal untuk dimakan).

8. Praktis muka miskin supaya peniaga rasa kesian untuk menipu. Oh, muka miskin juga berguna untuk pergi ke kedai kamera mintak tolong charge bateri. Dah memang bakat semulajadi. Checked.

Indonesia, here I come!!

June 5, 2010

Nenek dan Generasi Kanak-Kanak Malang

Tersebutlah kisah, sekumpulan anak-anak yatim yang kurang bernasib baik tinggal bersama seorang nenek tua di pinggir sebuah kampung. Pada zahirnya, nenek itu kelihatan sangat mulia dan baik. Ye lah, jaga anak yatim, gila tinggi pahala dia. Dah la nenek ni pandai gila gebang kat orang kampung pasal kemuliaan hati dia menjaga anak yatim. Perghh, PR tak boleh tahan, BHP ngan A Famosa patut upah nenek ni.

Apa yang orang kampung tak tahu, nenek ni gila manipulatif. Dia kutip anak-anak yatim ni pun sebab nak duit Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat.Kalau duit yang dia dapat untuk kegunaan anak yatim, takpe, ni dia pakai untuk beli lipstik merah menyala (tak padan dengan umur) yang akan digayakan dengan baju bercorak zebra. Nenek ni ingat dia Madonna ke? Akibatnya, anak-anak yatim piatu di bawah jagaannya melarat tak cukup makan dan tak cukup segala-galanya lah!

Tak tahan dengan perangai nenek, Ali, salah seorang daripada anak yatim tersebut bertanya kepada nenek itu.

Ali: Nenek, boleh saya tahu, kenapa kami tak cukup makan?

Nenek:Sebab aku takde duit.

Ali: Jadi kenapa nenek jaga kami?

Nenek: Sebab aku nak buat duit.

Ali: *keliru*. Habis mana hasilnya?

Nenek: Kau jangan banyak tanya. Masa aku muda dulu-dulu,iaitu lebih kurang 500 tahun sebelum Masihi; aku tak pernah banyak tanya kat orang yang lebih tua kenapa itu, kenapa ini. Aku sangat mengagumi orang yang terdahulu. Apasal budak-budak zaman sekarang banyak songeh,hah??!!!

Ali: Kalau saya tak tegur, apa nak jadi dgn rumah ni, bukan ke ni hak kami? nenek pernah hantar income pergi audit tak?

Nenek: Inilah dia budak2 sekarang. Bukan budaya kita untuk mengaudit!. Duduk terima sajalah apa yang aku buat!

Ali: Walaupun kami akan kebulur?

Nenek: ya, walaupun kau kebulur. Ko jadi macam ni pun sebab semua salah korang sendiri! Aku tak dapat beli liptick Bobby Brown no.07 pun sebab korang tau tak?! Kita jadik macam ni pun semua sebab salah korang anak muda!!

Ali: Macam mana pulak ni salah kami?


Lalu nenek itu mengalami transformasi fizikal. Gigi dia menjadi lebih banyak dan tajam daripada tadi, badan menjadi lebih berbulu daripada biasa, habis baju zebra dia di carik-carik tanda protes (juga sebab badan dia dah besar, baju zebra dah tak muat). Badan pun kaler hijau.

Lalu Ali dipatah-patahkan dan dibaham oleh nenek jadian itu. Oh sebelum dibaham, Ali sempat dicicah sos Jalen.

Keesokan hari, kecoh satu kampung Ali hilang. Masyarakat kampung mencurigai nenek. Ada yang mati-mati kata derang nampak ngan mata sendiri apa yang terjadi. Nenek menafikan sekeras-kerasnya, dan seperti biasa, orang kampung menerima kenyataan nenek itu walaupun ramai yang tak percaya. Maka, dengan itu, insiden itu dilupakan seperti insiden-insiden yang lain di kampung tersebut.

Disclaimer: Cerita ini hanyalah rekaan semata-mata. Daging manusia tidak mungkin sedap dicicah dengan sos Jalen.

May 29, 2010

Of Chocolates and Cookies

You know your day went well when;

1. You have to wake up earlier than you want to because mum tells you you're not carrying your weight around the house so please wake up at this ungodly hour to send your sister to tuition. I have to agree with her. Ever since I am funemployed, my weight has been pretty much supported by my bed.

2. Gets pretty annoyed by Mel when she does not answer your calls for the last 30 minutes and you're starting to wonder is she still asleep? Knew that you should've stuck to 10.40, not 11 when trying to negotiate a time with another funemployed person.

3.Gets pissed when the Abang Minyak (who eerily reminds you of the Orang Minyak) wants you to pay at least RM 30 for your petrol if you wanna pay using Debit Card. When are we Malaysians gonna jump on the cashless bandwagon?

4. Reached Mel's house only to found out the reason she was late was because of her gastric. Haih, you know you can't be pissed because of that. Decided this person is worthy of your love and friendship again.

5. Had fun with the girls despite the heavy traffic jam to Bangi (kesian Anith). Conversations on career path, cute baby videos on YouTube, and good parenting skills reminds you that you are not sixteen, so please find a possible male specimen to mate with (if possible with Adonis good looks, intelligent, good conversation skills, funny and prefers to do the house chores, cause you don't).

6. Figured out the above characteristics is almost impossible to be found in men, decided to invest in cats with long life span.

7. Arrived at Beryl's in Bangi (population: not many), and came up with the conclusion that even if they don't have that many selection for the free buffet, the chocs are still good. Embarrassed one self when you made a beeline to the chocolates only to discover that there was a long queue that you are unaware of cause Oh My God, free chocolates are simply diviinneee. Decided to rationalise that it is your God-given rights to ignore queues cause you're a Malaysian, maa!

8. After one round, you decided that you had enough, but figured out, this is unfair! we came all the way to Bangi (toll: RM 3) only to eat a couple of chocolates? Ili suggested that we should "pack" some of the chocolates home. Thus, you and your silly friends decide to go for more rounds and chuck the chocolates inside a makeshift containers inside you and your friend's bags. Gets mortified when you see a sign that says "Smile! there's CCTV cameras around the premise". Says WTF? and goes for another round with your friends.

9. To compensate for your kampungness, you and your friends went for a small chocolate shopping spree that costs you RM5. Went back and had lunch at Subang Parade with waiters and passersby gawking at you while you and your friends redistribute your loot.

10. Went to Mel's house to bake some cookies. Bought some home and the cookies were finished in 20 minutes. Fished some compliments from your family members and perasan you're the next Nigella Lawson only more awesome.

I wonder what's gonna happen tomorrow???

May 27, 2010


Baru dapat tidur tadi pukul 8, lepas satu malam suntuk buat kerja. It was nice to actually experience sunrise after all these years :)

Selama aku hidup ni, mama tak pernah kasi tidur terlajak. Dia mesti suka gerak dgn rakusnya membebel/cuit bawah betis sampai kaki cramp OMG SAKIT GILA NASIB BAIKLAH YANG BUAT TU IBU TERCINTA TAK JADI NAK DERHAKA,OKAYY!. Dahlah selalu pakai template "anak dara tak boleh tidur siang blablablabla, tak tau malu ke blablabla". Apsal kena malu? bukannya laki tahu pun. Hahaha. Ok, sekarang semua dah tahu aku suka tidur terlajak =_="

Aku: Kawan Along okay je mak dia kasi tidur sampai petang sume.
Mama: Habis nak jadi apa tidur sampai petang?
Aku: jadi beruang?
Mama: pungkok hang...

Tapi hari ni mama cool okayy tak gerak langsung, siap tutup pintu bilik tanak kasi dengar dia bukak cerita telenovela Sepanyol yang ada mamat tua rambut panjang muka pengemis sebagai watak hero. Siap kasi day-off dari jadi supir, tak payah amik adik-adik balik dari sekolah. Hasilnya, pukul 2 baru aku bangun.Tapi rasa pelik gila bangun masa petang. Sangat tak normal. Selalunya pukul 2 tu saya dah bersiap sedia untuk tidur kembali, ni pukul 2 baru bangun? Apsal mama tak bising-bising? Rasa macam....

...kurang dikasihi.

May 25, 2010

Le Sigh

Why do you have to make me feel like I miss having conversations with you?
Not good.
Dislike >.<

Maybe a lil bit of like :)

Doe Wannn to fren yous.

May 19, 2010


Apa itu nyemplung?

Kawan saya dari Indonesia post status yang ada perkataan ni. Tak nak buat orang lain rasa menyampah, dari tanya kat dia terus, saya google dulu. Saya cintakan google. Orang kata google jahat pun, jahatlah. I NEED GOOGLE IN MY LIFE. Lepas google perkataan nyemplung, terdapat 72,300 carian dalam masa o.8 saat. Inilah kehebatan boyfriend saya. Mungkin lepas ni, kalau anda google balik ayat nyemplung tu ada 72,301 carian(tapi masih dalam masa 0.8 saat). Antara jawapan nyemplung mengikut kata Encik Google;


Apakah? mengikut kata Pak Pahit Banget;"Tamsilan hidup penuh bisa beracun tetapi menggiurkan karena manisnya madu yang ada di sekitarnya." Woww, cantiknya maksud peribahasa ni, tapi masih tidak dapat menjawab soalan. Tambahan pula, sumur itu apa?

2.Tempointeraktif.Com - Korban Mobil Nyemplung Warga Banten

korban mobil= kereta kemalangan. Tapi nyemplung tu apa? Banten tu kat mana (ingatkan saya google Banten)

3.IHSG – Rupiah Nyemplung ke Zona Merah Berita Terkini Info Terbaru .

Masih tak jawab soalan. Mungkinkah nyemplung ini satu benda yang tak elok sampai buat Rupiah ke Zona Merah?

4.Luna Maya Nyemplung Di Kolam RCTI | Dunia Celeb Gosip Artis Foto ...

Laaa nyemplung tu berenang ke?Faham, faham, faham.

Terima kasih Encik Google. Tapi sumur itu apa??

May 18, 2010

Cerita Penternak Lemak

Sekarang tengah hujan. Kalau pandang kat luar boleh nampak dua bumbung. Satu baru kaler, eh, cat. Satu lagi dah lama tak cat. Miskin betul jiran aku tu. Tu la kauuu, sapa suruh bela anjing takde kesedaran sivik yang suka melantak dan melalak, nak cat bumbung pun tak mampu. Pfft, dah la suka baling najis anjing merata-rata bila nak cuci belakang umah kau. Kesian Indon potong rumput terpijak tahi anjing kau.

Takda correlation najis anjing dengan bumbung rumah, jadi mari kita abaikan perenggan pendahuluan di atas.

Nanti sambung balik cerita. Cheng Lye dah hantar sms mintak amik dia kat LRT, pastu amik Sara kat Uptown pulak. korang memang beruntung mempunyai sahabat yang menganggur tapi penuh dengan nilai-nilai murni Pendidikan Moral. Sanggup aku potong waktu bertafakur atas katil untuk korang.

Ya, sila sayang aku. Kasi penganggur ini makan free juga satu nilai yang murni. Nama nilai dia benevolence (tatau apa nilai dia dalam Bahasa Melayu)

May 4, 2010

What I don't like about Facebook

Yeah, I'm a Facebook addict. In fact, I am thinking about using the reasons below to somehow curb my facebook addiction. In no particular sequence, below are the reasons why I don't like Facebook.

1. KiTEwR TaRk SukEwR LaR OwAnG TyP3 McM NiEyh.HiKHikHikZzzZ

Memang macam haram.How old are you? 13? Well, even if you are, please don't resort to this.It's not cryptology, neither it shows any semblance of intelligence. It groups you into budak-emo-ingin-diperhatikan-yang-gemar-melepak-di-Bintang-Walk. Sangat menjengkelkan. You think it's cute?IT'S NOT.

Adik- beradik untuk alasan ini ialah org yg typ sk tglkn vwels drg.Thr's a rsn why w hv vwls.fkg use it la wy. I rly dn't knw tht t's ths hrd t* xclde th vwls(ah fish, I give up).

When you're typing with the glorious invention that is the keyboard, utilise it's functions, people. It's not like you're using your phone now. Why are you guys so blardy lazy? It's even more annoying when you use this language in e-mails. Emails to friends tara hal la, ni, if you're sending e-mails to your lecturers, janganlah tulis cam tu. It's just plain rude. You don't need to go to an etiquette school to know about this.

Let's not even start with the people who likes to say "Ala, kita-kita jeww" or " U dah makan keww". Sumpah nak tambah dosa aku la kan korang ni. Seriously people. WHAT THE FISH??(oh sangat teringin nak tulis f*ck, sekarang). Apa itu jew? Bila masa korang jadi Yahudi? Starbucks, McD semua tak nak makan, tapi hari hari zikir kat fb/text/twitter "jew, jew,jew" apa kes weeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..Pfffttt (baru satu alasan dah bikin panas)

2.PDA couples.

Congratulations, you're the only person in the world to have a relationship with another human being. Let's celebrate it by posting your undying love/what you did with your partner/how everyone should be jealous of your relationship. Come on, people. I can understand, if you're in a long distance relationship, and you need a cheap way to ask about your partner's day,heck, I wouldn't mind getting newsfeeds from the occasional I love yous/I miss yous/How is your day, sayang?. But when you have exhausted other means of communications (meeting up personally/phone/texting), perlu ke sampai constantly spamming others about how great your love story is? It gets even more bizarre when the posts became something like "Cayunk, I dah basuh baju you yang warna putih tu. Bila u nak datang amik?Cayunk sgt kat papa muahx muahx muahx"

Fuck it, give me a break.

I don't want to know how his baju putih ends up with you and you have to clean it. I don't want to know that you have committed yourself to slavery by washing a man's T-shirt WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE TO,TOLONG LA WEYH DIA LAKI KAU KE SAMPAI KENA CUCI BAJU DIA SEGALA. I shudder to think about how you've elevated your status to papa/mama when you are not even married YET.

Don't forget the crazy status updates about how the PDRM should lock you up cause you're so addicted to your drug, *insert gf's name*. Oh My God, I can still stomach in those constant I love yous, but this, this is in a different level. Hebat sangatlah kisah cinta Laila Majnun kau tu. No, you're not showing us lonesome heart, how great it is to fall in love. But you did make me feel like I should give up social interaction with humans all together and retire to a deserted island.

And the baby talks i.e "Bee, Bee tau kan syg syangggggg sgt kat Bee.Namo cedeyh-cedeyh, nanti bee buat syg nanges. Namo Namo Namo"

Pass me the barf bag,please.

No, I'm not some crazy loner who hates people in a relationship. In fact, maybe because I'm such a romantic that I hate this stuffs. Professing your love on fb is nothing. I can do that to the person that I hate, it just need a few seconds of typing and hitting the comment button. You're still in that stage where you don't know your partner, regardless of how you think you actually do. So, tak payah la nak berlagak. My definition of true love is that, after decades of waking up to an ugly, wrinkled,muka-penuh-air-liur-basi, kentut-masa-pagi face, you still think that the person waking up next to you is the most beautiful person in the world. Now, that's love. FB apa barang weh, kalau rempit kacau awek ko pun, belum tentu ko nak defend kan?

OK, writing this is harder than it's suppose to be. Tiba-tiba saya menjadi sangat emo. I'll continue this when I'm not so sleep-depraved.

May 3, 2010

Thank you

Even if the moment is brief,
Even if the feelings were just for awhile,

Thank you.

I thought I was jaded.
I thought I never could feel this giddy anymore.

Thank you.

No, I don't think anything could come out of this.

This is wonderful.
So,thank you.

April 5, 2010


Why can't you be happy for me?

Because I know you're not. How can I be?

musika sensasi

Music & You!

RULES : Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Try not to repeat a song title. It is a lot harder than you think.

Pick Your Artist :
kings of convenience

Are you male or female :
toxic girl

Describe yourself :
the girl from back then

How do you feel about yourself :
I Don't Know What I Can Save You From

Describe where you currently live :
riot on an empty street

If you could go anywhere, where would you go :
Cayman Islands

Your favourite form of transportation is :
Boat Behind

Your best friend is :
Gold for the Price of Silver :)

Your favourite colour is :
Gold in the Air of Summer

What’s the weather like :
Second to Numb

Favourite time of day:
summer on the westhills

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called :
Freedom and It's Owner

What is life to you :
know how

What is the best advice you have to give :
Stay Out of Trouble

If you could change your name, what would it be :
Mrs Cold

Your favourite food is :
Little Kids

Thought for the day :
power of not knowing

How I would like to die :
leaning against the wall

My soul’s present condition :
peacetime resistance

My motto :
love is no big truth

April 4, 2010


Betul Ilya cakap.
F1 is so full of testosterone....
And for once, I don't mind one bit ;P

bunyi keta yang sangat membingitkan..
small glitches here and there..
tu la Schumacher, gi masuk Mercedes buat apa??kan dah dapat merasa naik motor cabuk..bapak lawak..
tak campur lagi tgk keta langgar, engine overheat,etc...

Drivers hot..
Engineers and technician pun hot..
spectators pun byk jugak yang hot...


Good (?) friday????

Keta Gen 2 tu sumpah suwey. Efektif tak kalau aku kasi si Natasha ni mandi bunga? Baru dapat hari Selasa, dah kena pecah masuk hari Jumaat. Duit melayang lagi kena ganti tingkap. Went to Plaza Idaman to get something cheap there. Was my fault too. Apsal aku pergi ghetto rempit? Kan keta dah kena pecah masuk, hp kena curik??!!

Reason to go to that God-forsaken place: Beli handphone baru.

Alanis Morisette mesti faham perasaan aku,kan,kan,kan???

Dah la handphone yg cabuk gila tu je yang dia amik. Phone tu aku dah pakai lima tahun kot. Kalau dia curik sekali buku "I too, am Malay"-Zaid Ibrahim, mungkin aku akan doakan kejayaan dia. Sebab ini menunjukkan yang dia mahu buat anjakan paradigma bila dia nak baca buku macam tu. Tapi mamat tu tak amik pun buku yang amat bernilai untuk panduan orang Melayu. Kesimpulan? Sekarang kita tahu kenapa kerja dia pecah keta orang.

Tapi aku cool. Mungkin sebab dah biasa pergi balai polis (bunyi cam hardcore gile). Masa tengah tunggu giliran jumpa Encik Inspektor, aku dengan Malin sempat lagi buat perbandingan antara sistem pendidikan di Malaysia, Syria, France dan USA. Kenapa? Mungkin sebab kami kecewa sistem pendidikan kat sini cuma berjaya mengeluarkan masyarakat Copy Paste yang sangat suka ikut apa pendapat majoriti tanpa menggunakan akal sendiri. Walaupun bunyi macam aku sangat derhaka, percayalah,pelajar2 kat Malaysia sangatlah bodoh. Semua salah sistem/ masyarakat/ budaya penakut/ individu tu sendiri. Ok, balik-balik cerita kereta.

Bila pergi balai polis, inspektor tu tanyalah soalan-soalan standard procedure. Salah satu soalan dia adalah:

"Ada awak syak siapa-siapa?"

Aku nak jawab "Rempit kita". Tapi, malangnya, aku kasi jawapan demokratik;

"Tak." Jawab aku dengan muka ahli politik.

Best part of the day? When I called my parents, these are their responses;

Mama: Habis esok camne nak amik Angah?
Ayah: Nanti hujan keta camna??


March 30, 2010

Jangan Baca Kalau Cepat Tersinggung

I was going through Art Harun's picture comments, when one comment made me pause and reflect on things. A Non-Muslim man commented that "The biggest enemy of Islam are Muslims themselves"

and I couldn't agree more.

I'll try to write down my thoughts systematically now as many things are going through my head. Allow me to write ala che' det for awhile.

1.Let us not make the assumption that this man is someone that is against Islam. Let us take it as an advice from an outsider. An external auditor if you may. This man is just trying to rationalise the hukm of our religion from his logic, and he is entitled to his opinion.

2. As a person who is more inclined to internal locus of control, I tend to believe that whatever problem that an individual/society have, is the result of his/hers/its own doing. As in this case the negative perception of Non- Muslims have on us, Muslims, IS the result of our own doing.

3. Yes, I am aware that, there are spin doctors whom are out there to make our image look bad, spreading lies about the religion and all that. But don't you think we are making their jobs a WHOLE LOT easier by the way we act, and the things that we say? Islam says protect and respect women, and Muslim men does the COMPLETE opposite. The ones that are doing the OPPOSITE of what Allah has asked us to, buang anak, tindas orang lemah, zalim, siapa? Lately, the Muslims that actually have the RARE oppurtunity to set the records straight says the darnest things, which pisses me off to great length. Have we ran out of rationale, articulate Muslims?

4. Like it or not, Muslims across the world are being ridiculed for being backwards. Of course, I don't agree with the certain Western definitions of "civilised". But seriously, bombing civilians to get your message across? What is your message anyway?? Islam is the religion of peace?Oh, really? Can you really blame people if they see us as savages? What about that stupid pedophile who married an eleven year old kid? What are you trying to prove? Why bring religion into your dastardly perverted fantasies?

5. It is tiring to explain to Non-Muslims that Islam does not preach stupidity and ignorance. Islam is the opposite of that. A lecturer whom I really respect have once said that "Islam appeals to the mind, Christianity appeals to the heart". Why can't we Muslims live by it? I see Non- Muslims whom are more well-versed about our Hadith and Quran rather than the Muslims ourselves. What are the Muslims doing? Watching Akademi Blardy Fantasia? Sibuk ngan Ministry of Sound? hebat sangat ke tonggang air kencing setan segala?

6. Islam stresses heavily on seeking knowledge and exercising our aql. Even the first revealed verse is about seeking knowledge. Read!Read!Read!And what are we doing now? Come crises on certain Islamic rulings, and we can't give proper answers to Non-Muslims. Why? Because we don't understand our own religion. No uselah join fanpage I love Allah la, apa lah, but you dont practise what you preach.

7. Whether you can accept it or not, Muslims are the biggest enemy to Islam. a religion is judged based on its followers. If the followers are evil, won't it taint the image of the religion itself?

8. I apologise if I sound rude, but it's the truth. I remind myself before I remind others. I myself have a long way to go. The ball is in our hands. Do you still want to be the enemy of your own faith?


Started playing the one word game again. Basically, this is how you play it, choose a random word from a book and write none stop for a minute. It's suppose to help you with creative writing. I got worried after reading what I wrote for The word is 'bunny'.

Little bunny hopppity hop.
Didn't know what hit him when he crossed over the fence
Little bunny didn't look, little bunny didn't hear
Now little bunny is somewhere else but here.

bye bye bunny, you shall be missed.

See what I mean?
I need help.

March 23, 2010

Kings of Convenience

Still in a daze after being serenaded by Kings of Convenience. Sambung cerita nanti ah..

Imagine Eirik Glambek Boe standing less than 5 metres away from you. Imagine him staring straight into your eyes,serenading. Imagine him smiling serenely while still looking straight into your eyes.

Ok, aku sendiri perasan, but one can only dream :)

P/S: We did have an eye contact a couple of times ok!!!

If you wanna be my friend
You want us to get along
Please do not expect me to
Wrap it up and keep it there
The observation I am doing could
Easily be understood
As cynical demeanour
But one of us misread...
And what do you know
It happened again

A friend is not a means
You utilize to get somewhere
Somehow I didn't notice
friendship is an end
What do you know
It happened again

How come no-one told me
All throughout history
The loneliest people
Were the ones who always spoke the truth
The ones who made a difference
By withstanding the indifference
I guess it's up to me now
Should I take that risk or just smile?

What do you know
It happened again
What do you know

Erlend is freaking adorable and funny!I'm so envious of the girl that he danced with on stage!!grr...

Tenderfist was awesome as well. Check out their rendition of I'd Rather Dance with you together with KOC. It's pretty cool of them to collaborate with their opening act for such a well-known song!!

All in all, it was worth the money, and more.The soul needs a bit of refreshments once in a while :)

March 13, 2010

susah betul nak cari rezeki halal

Mula- mula teruja gila bila company semi-bagak dari Korea ajak interview. But i think I screwed it due to my lack of preparation. Nasib baik mamat Korea sorang tu comel gila. Kelakar jugak kena interview pakai translator..Interview yg tak patut lama tu tetiba panjang dua jam =_="...Oh well, there are others.

Got pretty excited when another huge Korean company chose me as a potential candidate. Cepat-cepat ah panggil aku interview weyyyyyyy...

Company make-up ni pulak (bukan Avon) punyalah susah nak apply kena main game pulak =_="

Realised that research work is not for me, so byebye Accenture and ridiculously good pay.

Then comes the ultimate blow to my ego. This Japanese company thinks I'm unable to recognise rules fast enough as compared to the other 95% respondents. Seriously, wtf is wrong with me? :(

Boleh dapat ke tidak kerja yang aku mahu/ boleh terima??!!

Pape je la..God knows what's best for me :)...meh layan Cik Alice dan Encik Cheshire Cat:

"Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"
"That depends on a good deal on where you want to get to," said the Cat.
"I don't much care where-" said Alice
"Then it doesn't matter which way you go," said the Cat.
"-so long as I get somewhere," Alice added as an explanation.
"Oh, you're sure to do that," said the Cat, "if you only walk long enough,"

That put a smile on my face today.

March 8, 2010

Happy International Women's Day

I found out some interesting stuffs today

-I'm a huge procrastinator (nothing new here, just reiterating the fact over and over again.*sigh*)

-jejaka idaman ASEAN (lebih-lebih lagi jejaka idaman aku) dah kena chupp ngan orang lain.

-Back in Ancient Rome, men would take their oaths by placing their right hand on their testicles, hence the word 'testimony'. I LOL'd at this piece of trivia. No wonder men can't be trusted. They swore by their balls, which are as reliable as the broadband speed here in Malaysia.

-Danial pointed it out to me that I might be a third wave feminist, I was like, what's that? I found out I'm not a third wave feminist, after all. If I were to classify my views, it would be loosely defined as libertarian feminism. Today, I've learned a new school of philosophy!

-Actually, I don't think I'm a feminist. Some of them are a bit bonkers/ extreme in their beliefs. What's so offensive about calling a cockpit, a cockpit?sheesh..

-Before the rambut-tak-basuh-ketiak-tak-shave feminists starts frothing in the mouth, and the Neanderthal man starts to club me unconscious and drags me back to the nearest cave, let me state my stand. I understand that men and women are created differently, and we each have our role to play in this world. Hence, asking for equality in treatment does not equate to justice, rather it is injustice to both sides. I ask for equitability(no such word, I know), mainly, you get what you give/deserve. And we women, deserve our rights because of what we contributed to the religion, family and society.

-I won't ask men if I could be their imam, cause I know I am not designed to do that. But, I would like to ask the men out there to be a fair and wise imam.

-I won't question a Muslim man's right to have four wives, but I would like to ask a question, "Do you think you have the capacity to love and provide for more than one family?"

- I don't ask men to shower me with material gifts, but I would like you to acknowledge and respect my intelligence and my capabilities. And please, don't judge a woman fairly on our looks, we do know that we're the fairer gender, tapi kalau muka kau pun macam muka projek tergendala, sila jangan banyak karenah.

-Don't think for once that we could not live without you. A boyfriend is good for handling car problems, but if a boyfriend does not exist, there's always AAM. God makes us in pairs, but methinks we can still survive somewhat. Just look at all the amazing single moms out there.

-Having said that, treat your mothers, sisters, girlfriend, wife(s) right. Hell hath no fury like a woman's wrath. The hands that rocks the cradle, is able to rock the world, and hell yeah, girls rock! (Peribahasa ini ditranslate dari peribahasa BM 'Tangan yang menggoncang buaian, boleh menggoncang dunia, or sumthing like that)

-To all my lovely ladies out there, Happy International Women's Day. Kalau ada lelaki yang perlu dibuang. Sila buang, nak recycle pun tak laku spesis douchebag cam ni.

March 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Mama

Me: Mama, nak celebrate birthday bila?
Mama: Angah takde kita toksah sambut, tunggu semua ada dulu
Me: Mama mau apa?
Mama: Mama tak mau korang beli apa-apa
Me: apsal mama tak habiskan cake yg along belikan?
Mama: Kita share la. Ayin pun tak balik tuition lagi. Nanti dia nak rasa.

That's my mama. Always give , and never ask for anything in return. Well, except for those time that she asks us to clean up, but that's about it =P. The cheesecake was so small, honestly, the portion is not enough even for a person, she split it four ways with her daughter.

Thank you mama, for what you have done and sacrificed for us. Words could not even begin to explain how beautiful your soul are. You're truly a remarkable woman.

Mama embodies the spirit of all struggling woman. She sacrificed, when she could have walked away. She sacrificed for people who might not deserve her time and effort, but hell, do we need her time.

Despite that, thank you for sticking with us. God knows what kind of a person I would be, if you're not here to lead me as an example. I know I might not be the best of daughters, neither do I express my gratitude as often as I should, but I love you. Sometimes I wish I could be as strong as you are.

Thank you for not showing your tears and your burdens until I am able to comprehend and accept it.

Mama still looks hot even if she has passed the half a century mark, cayalah!!

My wish for you, is for you to find your happiness and yourself again, whatever that might be, no matter how long it would take.

February 14, 2010

Random Thoughts at 4 AM in the morning

1.Lama gila tak blog. Bila dah start balik, amik kau dua entri.


3.Stress jugak bila dah start kerja. Kena fikir zakat, duit nak bagi kat mama, apa nak beli, berapa nak simpan. Kalau nak berhenti kerja, duit nak buat buat belanja before dapat kerja baru.AAARRGGHHHH!~

4.I don't feel like I'm doing anything significant with my life. Where did all my aspirations went? I'm back to square one and this sucks.

5.Rasanya chicken wing kat bawah dah habis kena kebas tak?

6.I miss New Zealand and most importantly, I miss the optimism that I had when I was there.

7.Excited for the dinner with the girls tomorrow ^__^

8.Amused at how some people can easily go against what they believed in before. You turned into the kind of people that you hated the most,dear. Sangat hypocrite.

9. Esok nak bawak kamera apa?

10.Nak beli ke tak buku-buku Where is Waldo yang mahal itu.

11.I don't have any defence at all when it comes to retail therapy. I don't have defense at all when it comes to shopping. Help me.

12. How can someone that is close to you ditch you for people who probably doesn't even care? Is it my fault? Is it no one's? How can someone change? Or is it the person's character right from the beginning and you're just too blind to notice it cause you cared?

13.I don't care as much anymore. At the rate you're going, you've probably lost most of the people who actually cared about you because of your ego. Congratulations, it is what you've wanted all along.Carpe Diem.

14.Bila nak start belajar bahasa Jepun balik?.

15.Kalau pekena sup daging+telur dadar+nasi+sambal belacan extra kat gerai bawah pokok kat Taman Melati tu pun sedap nih.

16. Kadang-kadang saya rasa bodoh bila tak paham apa yang orang-orang artistik tulis/lukis/buat. Kadang-kadang saya rasa derang yang bodoh. Atau terlebih poyo. Mana satu yang betul?

17. Apa kena ngan pompuan biol lagi hypocrite ni?Bapak double standards. Dah la manipulative bitch suka suruh PEREMPUAN SAHAJA bogel.
Ingrid Newkirk Queen of Pencari Publisiti Murahan

18. Apsal mata tamau lelap lagi niiiiiiii??!!!!

7-Years Cycle, anyone?

A friend told me recently that there is a theory that states, you will recycle your friends every 7 years. My initial thoughts were, sadly, that it is not totally impossible. Looking back in my life, there have been friends lost and gained. It is not totally our fault, not sure if it is completely fate either, but it happens. Sometimes, you just grew out of them, sometimes, time played a role, sometimes it's just plain betrayal coming to get your sorry ass.

When we first start to go our separate ways back in high school, I was blessed to get to know another bunch of people who taught me about what it means to grow up. Even when I end up spending most of my free times with them, I never did forget my school friends. These are the people who made me laugh, made me cry; who helped me get through one of the most trying times in my life even without them noticing it. These monkeys helped me to count my blessings, and whenever I start counting them as blessings, I could never stop. Even up till now, I am still amazed that we manage to stay close despite the years and distance that each of us have traveled. Maybe we weren't as close as before, but I know that they'll drop whatever they're doing and come to me if ever I need help. For that I can't thank you guys enough and I can only say this:

I'm sorry If I have not been spending my time as I should with you people. I'm sorry for all the cancellations that we did whenever we plan to go out just because tak cukup korum. I'm sorry I've never contacted you guys enough. But please understand that I'll always see you guys as my friends even if we only meet like once in a year.

It hit me when Dila went to Perth. How all these years, we kept on taking rain checks when we decided to do lunch/dinner/movie/yumcha. I always think that there will be another day to meet if today didn't work out. That her leaving is just something so far in the distance. Then, she left. Everyone was contemplating on why we didn't hang out that much, how we can't believe that she had left, how we all thought that there will be more TIME. Of course it's not that much of a drama, she'll come back by the end of the year, and we'll resume our karaoke/shouting sessions in the car, witnessed by amused drivers and motorists, but damn, we could've spent more time with each other.

And then, dear Liq left as well. He was the residential Class Crackhead, and he is also our Ketua Kelas. He was the guy that kept tab of the SPM countdown on the blackboard, and he was also the guy who kept tab of the countdown to any major Hindi movie screenings =_=". The guy even came up with a jingle for a friend's family restaurant and a music video pitch for a friend's song. Back in school, we would talk and crack jokes everyday. Fast forward to after school, we would only meet during reunions and parties. Last time I saw him was in a class reunion almost a year ago. I was touched when he texted me that he is leaving.

I'm flying off people..Take care..N dun forget to watch my name is khan..Till we meet again..Salam

It might be something simple, but the thought that he actually remembers his old friend. The fact that he managed to retain the 17-year-old-Hindi-loving-freak image puts a smile to my face when I was stressed up with the pile of work that I have to do.

Here is the kind of people that I associate myself with. I'm glad to say that some of them have survived 2 rounds of 7-year cycle with me. To the ones that still lives up to the definition of 'friend', here's for another 10 rounds :). For the once who does not, well,