July 13, 2011

Happy thoughts, anyone?

I love weddings and baby announcements. After all the shitty stuffs that you listen in the news, the shitty stuffs that you went through, seeing someone being blissfully happy....

...is infectious =)

Please give me a life time supply of happy stories! My mood is easily influenced, especially by happy stories. Dalam banyak-banyak happy, ada jugak ah soalan biasa;

"You bila pulak?"

Hahah, I don't mind one bit (for now) bila orang tanya. Probably because I'm loving my single and independant life too much to share it with anyone, right now. I believe that a woman's life will always be dependant. Before you get married till uni, you'll be taken care of your father, after you get married, your husband. So when are you really gonna have a me time?

"Career, career jugak, but it's important that you start a family too."

Probably, but not now. I just can't imagine myself being a soccer mum, and spending most of my time tending to a husband and children. Probably one day, but not now.

While others are dreaming of a perfect husband, I'm dreaming of a perfect vacation. How can you be a good wife when you're still toying with the idea of having a summer fling in Europe and eating space brownies?

Sangat tak sesuai.

Maybe i have different and awkwars priorities compared to other girls. Ever since I was little, while other girls were dreaming of being a princess, I wanted to be Optimus Prime. While other girls are giggling over their school crushes and plannning their perfect wedding, I planned to take over the world, and the key to total world domination was Prince William being gay. (No joke, this was my plan when I was 12)

Right now, total world domination sounds more inviting.Hehe.