January 6, 2013

Revelations from looking back.

I can't taste my Nutella Hot Chocolate. That was suppose to cheer me up after receiving the potentially disastrous news. Then I got to thinking, what would happen when I completely lose my senses of taste when I'm old? What if I lose them before i get old.
This was written as a draft in May 2012. I have no idea what this leads to, and I am curious as to what had happened that made me write it. Half of me regrets not writing the whole story down. Thoughts like "Why can't I have the drive to finish the things that I have started?" or "I really need to pen my thoughts down, this could seriously be a life altering lesson, and here it is, lost in transaction." Then again, if it is so life altering or such a revelation, why did I not remember it, 7 months later? So what about the other half? The other half is glad. Glad that whatever that made me wrote those sentences must be something shitty. Disastrously shitty from the looks of it. I only write when there's something bothering me. But apparently, 7 months later, I've forgotten what had bothered me. I'm glad because now,now I have a proof that whatever that can and will bother me, will pass, and I will forget about it, and as certain as time... ...Life goes on :)