February 14, 2010

Random Thoughts at 4 AM in the morning

1.Lama gila tak blog. Bila dah start balik, amik kau dua entri.


3.Stress jugak bila dah start kerja. Kena fikir zakat, duit nak bagi kat mama, apa nak beli, berapa nak simpan. Kalau nak berhenti kerja, duit nak buat buat belanja before dapat kerja baru.AAARRGGHHHH!~

4.I don't feel like I'm doing anything significant with my life. Where did all my aspirations went? I'm back to square one and this sucks.

5.Rasanya chicken wing kat bawah dah habis kena kebas tak?

6.I miss New Zealand and most importantly, I miss the optimism that I had when I was there.

7.Excited for the dinner with the girls tomorrow ^__^

8.Amused at how some people can easily go against what they believed in before. You turned into the kind of people that you hated the most,dear. Sangat hypocrite.

9. Esok nak bawak kamera apa?

10.Nak beli ke tak buku-buku Where is Waldo yang mahal itu.

11.I don't have any defence at all when it comes to retail therapy. I don't have defense at all when it comes to shopping. Help me.

12. How can someone that is close to you ditch you for people who probably doesn't even care? Is it my fault? Is it no one's? How can someone change? Or is it the person's character right from the beginning and you're just too blind to notice it cause you cared?

13.I don't care as much anymore. At the rate you're going, you've probably lost most of the people who actually cared about you because of your ego. Congratulations, it is what you've wanted all along.Carpe Diem.

14.Bila nak start belajar bahasa Jepun balik?.

15.Kalau pekena sup daging+telur dadar+nasi+sambal belacan extra kat gerai bawah pokok kat Taman Melati tu pun sedap nih.

16. Kadang-kadang saya rasa bodoh bila tak paham apa yang orang-orang artistik tulis/lukis/buat. Kadang-kadang saya rasa derang yang bodoh. Atau terlebih poyo. Mana satu yang betul?

17. Apa kena ngan pompuan biol lagi hypocrite ni?Bapak double standards. Dah la manipulative bitch suka suruh PEREMPUAN SAHAJA bogel.
Ingrid Newkirk Queen of Pencari Publisiti Murahan

18. Apsal mata tamau lelap lagi niiiiiiii??!!!!

7-Years Cycle, anyone?

A friend told me recently that there is a theory that states, you will recycle your friends every 7 years. My initial thoughts were, sadly, that it is not totally impossible. Looking back in my life, there have been friends lost and gained. It is not totally our fault, not sure if it is completely fate either, but it happens. Sometimes, you just grew out of them, sometimes, time played a role, sometimes it's just plain betrayal coming to get your sorry ass.

When we first start to go our separate ways back in high school, I was blessed to get to know another bunch of people who taught me about what it means to grow up. Even when I end up spending most of my free times with them, I never did forget my school friends. These are the people who made me laugh, made me cry; who helped me get through one of the most trying times in my life even without them noticing it. These monkeys helped me to count my blessings, and whenever I start counting them as blessings, I could never stop. Even up till now, I am still amazed that we manage to stay close despite the years and distance that each of us have traveled. Maybe we weren't as close as before, but I know that they'll drop whatever they're doing and come to me if ever I need help. For that I can't thank you guys enough and I can only say this:

I'm sorry If I have not been spending my time as I should with you people. I'm sorry for all the cancellations that we did whenever we plan to go out just because tak cukup korum. I'm sorry I've never contacted you guys enough. But please understand that I'll always see you guys as my friends even if we only meet like once in a year.

It hit me when Dila went to Perth. How all these years, we kept on taking rain checks when we decided to do lunch/dinner/movie/yumcha. I always think that there will be another day to meet if today didn't work out. That her leaving is just something so far in the distance. Then, she left. Everyone was contemplating on why we didn't hang out that much, how we can't believe that she had left, how we all thought that there will be more TIME. Of course it's not that much of a drama, she'll come back by the end of the year, and we'll resume our karaoke/shouting sessions in the car, witnessed by amused drivers and motorists, but damn, we could've spent more time with each other.

And then, dear Liq left as well. He was the residential Class Crackhead, and he is also our Ketua Kelas. He was the guy that kept tab of the SPM countdown on the blackboard, and he was also the guy who kept tab of the countdown to any major Hindi movie screenings =_=". The guy even came up with a jingle for a friend's family restaurant and a music video pitch for a friend's song. Back in school, we would talk and crack jokes everyday. Fast forward to after school, we would only meet during reunions and parties. Last time I saw him was in a class reunion almost a year ago. I was touched when he texted me that he is leaving.

I'm flying off people..Take care..N dun forget to watch my name is khan..Till we meet again..Salam

It might be something simple, but the thought that he actually remembers his old friend. The fact that he managed to retain the 17-year-old-Hindi-loving-freak image puts a smile to my face when I was stressed up with the pile of work that I have to do.

Here is the kind of people that I associate myself with. I'm glad to say that some of them have survived 2 rounds of 7-year cycle with me. To the ones that still lives up to the definition of 'friend', here's for another 10 rounds :). For the once who does not, well,