December 4, 2010

Haram Police & Sheikhs in A Plane

tak perlu komen apa-apa. Nicely done, Ummahfilms!!


Two Sheikhs were on a flight. They saw a women who is inapproriately dressed and just assumed she must've been a Non-Muslim.

This is the text of the video:

((I remember that once I was on a plane from Britain with one of the Sheikhs who appears on a channel [in Saudi]. Whilst we were coming, we were sat in the plane. There was a British man next to us on a chair. Next to him was a woman like him, and she dressed like very inappropriately. She was reading an English book. I said to myself that she must be his wife or girlfriend or daughter or something. I too was reading a book. Sometimes, I used to talk with my colleague.
The sun set whilst we were on the plane. I said to my colleague, Abu Abdallah, shall we read Salah here, or should we read when we get there?
He said, No. There are two hours left [for Maghrib]. Lets read when we get to Riyadh.
I said ok. I continued to read the book.
Suddenly, this woman stood up, opened the overhead compartment, took out her bag, took out her Abaya and her scarf from it, wore them and read Maghrib, even after having been dressed inappropriately!
I said, I testify there is none worthy of worship but Allah, and that Muhammad is His Messenger.
Abu Abdallah said to me, Look shes praying! I said: yes, she is!
I said, shame on our reputation! We are Mutawwa` (religious), but she is praying on the plane!? Get up and lets pray!
We stood up to pray, and she had finished. She returned her Abaya and scarf to the overhead compartment and sat. I went to her and said, May Allah bless you. May Allah reward you...
Of course, I was NOT looking at her when I was speaking to her. I was NOT looking at her. I say this so that nobody comes up and says that the Sheikh gave her took his time when giving her advice, because she was very pretty and when she said that I have understood you so stop! I replied No, you have to understand my advice more! [i.e. none of this happened.]
Whatever is in front of you, then maybe it may have the signs of sin in it, but realise that it may have good in it. Perhaps there is 90% bad, but there is 10% good. So expand this 10% and treat it as 50%. Dont say [to such a person] that You are a sinner/transgressor. because this will decrease that 10% of good. Consider the good to be more. Perhaps Allah shall rectify this person at your hands.))

This reminds me of a friend of mine. Yes, she has done many mistakes that is forbidden in religion, and I disapproved of it. Maybe I was being harsh when I told her off, but she said something very humbling "Yes, I did something very sinful, but this sin does not define my entire being"

Always assume the best of others.

I remind myself, before I remind others.

December 1, 2010

rambling away

1. Today is my first day in my job rotation. Product Development macam sangat best and interesting. Tapi macam byk kerja and byk scope. Tapi best sebab dia byk kerja. tapi tak best sebab dia banyak kerja. APAKAH???!! Kerja makin bertimbun, stres pun makin bertimbun. Tapi masih lagi rasa seronok. Omaigod, make up your mind.

2. I'm developing a taste for architecture and design. Woohooo!

3. What is wrong with people these days. So freaking obsessed with Illuminatis and the End of the Day i.e: Kiamat. Look, I'm not denying that Kiamat exist. Memang aku percaya habis la kan, Rukun Iman kot. In fact, to a certain degree, I do feel the Judgement Day is getting closer. So what are you gonna do about it? Run around in circles and tear you hair out? What I do not agree is people SPECULATING when is it gonna happen. Some are just freaking outrageous. You see Muslims believing 2012 is Kiamat. Just now I saw a friend posting on FB a link saying that Kiamat is gonna be in 2066 or whatevs cause ada hadith "sahih" kata Umat Rasullullah can only last 1500 years. Sorry, but in the article there's nothing that quotes the hadith. As long as it is not in the Koran and hadith, I am in no obligation to believe in it, let alone this is just some random article from the Internet. You can't even tell the writer's credibility. For all you know, it's some mad zionist getting a kick seeing Muslims getting reeled up on lies. Probably he's a Muslim with no knowledge at all pun.

4. Aku tak marah orang yang baca, Tapi aku marah si penulis tu. I understand your intentions. You wanna spread awareness so people can repent and stuffs, but don't you think benda ni dah terpesong aqidah? As far as I know, even Rasullullah does not know when is the date of Kiamah, so how can us mere mortals know? Yeah, yeah, put in whatever scientific revelations, but it is still SECOND HAND INFORMATION. Pass me the link to the supposed scientific research, give me the reference to the hadith. When I say reference, kasilah sanad dia sekali.Then we can start talking. Ni tak. Whoever the writer is, he/she just states that it is from a reliable hadith. Kalau reliable, apsal tak taruk reference? You have that responsibility as a writer. What you claim is heavy stuff, dude. Nak pulak orang Islam sekarang asal nampak title religion je, terus percaya sebab takut nanti salah la, kafir la, apalah.

5. I always wonder about this, kalau taubat semata sebab takut, taubat tu ikhlas ke? I don't know, just asking.

6. Don't let me start on the Illuminati craze. Bapak bangang.

Statistics 101:
On the scale of 0 to 1, 0 being the possibility of an occurence will never happen and 1 is the certainty that an occurence will definitely happen. Where does the Illuminati shebang stand?

Answer: Between 0 to 1.


I cant possibly prove that they don't exist, but neither can I definitely prove that they exist to destroy the souls of mankind or whatevs. The probability of 1(100%) will mean, in my definition, this bozos from the Illuminati club comes up to us and say "Hey, saya seorang Illuminatus, tujuan saya panggil mokcik2 dan pokcik2 disini sebab nak bagitau saya nak bawak keluar Dajal dengan mengeluarkan iklan2 dan logo2 syarikat yang ada pyramid/ satu mata. Harap maklum."

Kalau derang wujud pun kau nak buat apa? rilek-rilek je la. Ni ko obses ngan derang, tak ke derang dah menang.Pastu tambah lagi dengan segala prediction merepek meraban tu.

8. Aku makin hangin bila ada yang tanya, apsal ko suka nak cari kerja ngan Yahudi/Cina/Illuminati? Jawapan ringkas: that's where the money's at bitches. Lagipun, apa yang ko boleh belajar dari kerja yang "senang"? Memang ada lessons dia, tapi ko tak belajar dengan meluas/mendalam. Ko kerja ngan Yahudi, ko boleh tau apa yg buat dia successful, so praktis la balik. Bukan semua benda dari orang lain jahat. Serious aku cakap, bila kerja ngan Nestle dulu masa praktikal, apa yang aku belajar dalam masa 3 bulan tu mungkin lebih berharga dari aku kerja 3 tahun kat tempat yang kasi keselesaan kat aku semata-mata sebab aku dilahirkan kaler coklat. Biar ko kena maki/rasa insecure/stress separuh mati sekarang, asal kau ada ilmu kemudian hari.