March 30, 2010

Jangan Baca Kalau Cepat Tersinggung

I was going through Art Harun's picture comments, when one comment made me pause and reflect on things. A Non-Muslim man commented that "The biggest enemy of Islam are Muslims themselves"

and I couldn't agree more.

I'll try to write down my thoughts systematically now as many things are going through my head. Allow me to write ala che' det for awhile.

1.Let us not make the assumption that this man is someone that is against Islam. Let us take it as an advice from an outsider. An external auditor if you may. This man is just trying to rationalise the hukm of our religion from his logic, and he is entitled to his opinion.

2. As a person who is more inclined to internal locus of control, I tend to believe that whatever problem that an individual/society have, is the result of his/hers/its own doing. As in this case the negative perception of Non- Muslims have on us, Muslims, IS the result of our own doing.

3. Yes, I am aware that, there are spin doctors whom are out there to make our image look bad, spreading lies about the religion and all that. But don't you think we are making their jobs a WHOLE LOT easier by the way we act, and the things that we say? Islam says protect and respect women, and Muslim men does the COMPLETE opposite. The ones that are doing the OPPOSITE of what Allah has asked us to, buang anak, tindas orang lemah, zalim, siapa? Lately, the Muslims that actually have the RARE oppurtunity to set the records straight says the darnest things, which pisses me off to great length. Have we ran out of rationale, articulate Muslims?

4. Like it or not, Muslims across the world are being ridiculed for being backwards. Of course, I don't agree with the certain Western definitions of "civilised". But seriously, bombing civilians to get your message across? What is your message anyway?? Islam is the religion of peace?Oh, really? Can you really blame people if they see us as savages? What about that stupid pedophile who married an eleven year old kid? What are you trying to prove? Why bring religion into your dastardly perverted fantasies?

5. It is tiring to explain to Non-Muslims that Islam does not preach stupidity and ignorance. Islam is the opposite of that. A lecturer whom I really respect have once said that "Islam appeals to the mind, Christianity appeals to the heart". Why can't we Muslims live by it? I see Non- Muslims whom are more well-versed about our Hadith and Quran rather than the Muslims ourselves. What are the Muslims doing? Watching Akademi Blardy Fantasia? Sibuk ngan Ministry of Sound? hebat sangat ke tonggang air kencing setan segala?

6. Islam stresses heavily on seeking knowledge and exercising our aql. Even the first revealed verse is about seeking knowledge. Read!Read!Read!And what are we doing now? Come crises on certain Islamic rulings, and we can't give proper answers to Non-Muslims. Why? Because we don't understand our own religion. No uselah join fanpage I love Allah la, apa lah, but you dont practise what you preach.

7. Whether you can accept it or not, Muslims are the biggest enemy to Islam. a religion is judged based on its followers. If the followers are evil, won't it taint the image of the religion itself?

8. I apologise if I sound rude, but it's the truth. I remind myself before I remind others. I myself have a long way to go. The ball is in our hands. Do you still want to be the enemy of your own faith?


Started playing the one word game again. Basically, this is how you play it, choose a random word from a book and write none stop for a minute. It's suppose to help you with creative writing. I got worried after reading what I wrote for The word is 'bunny'.

Little bunny hopppity hop.
Didn't know what hit him when he crossed over the fence
Little bunny didn't look, little bunny didn't hear
Now little bunny is somewhere else but here.

bye bye bunny, you shall be missed.

See what I mean?
I need help.

March 23, 2010

Kings of Convenience

Still in a daze after being serenaded by Kings of Convenience. Sambung cerita nanti ah..

Imagine Eirik Glambek Boe standing less than 5 metres away from you. Imagine him staring straight into your eyes,serenading. Imagine him smiling serenely while still looking straight into your eyes.

Ok, aku sendiri perasan, but one can only dream :)

P/S: We did have an eye contact a couple of times ok!!!

If you wanna be my friend
You want us to get along
Please do not expect me to
Wrap it up and keep it there
The observation I am doing could
Easily be understood
As cynical demeanour
But one of us misread...
And what do you know
It happened again

A friend is not a means
You utilize to get somewhere
Somehow I didn't notice
friendship is an end
What do you know
It happened again

How come no-one told me
All throughout history
The loneliest people
Were the ones who always spoke the truth
The ones who made a difference
By withstanding the indifference
I guess it's up to me now
Should I take that risk or just smile?

What do you know
It happened again
What do you know

Erlend is freaking adorable and funny!I'm so envious of the girl that he danced with on stage!!grr...

Tenderfist was awesome as well. Check out their rendition of I'd Rather Dance with you together with KOC. It's pretty cool of them to collaborate with their opening act for such a well-known song!!

All in all, it was worth the money, and more.The soul needs a bit of refreshments once in a while :)

March 13, 2010

susah betul nak cari rezeki halal

Mula- mula teruja gila bila company semi-bagak dari Korea ajak interview. But i think I screwed it due to my lack of preparation. Nasib baik mamat Korea sorang tu comel gila. Kelakar jugak kena interview pakai translator..Interview yg tak patut lama tu tetiba panjang dua jam =_="...Oh well, there are others.

Got pretty excited when another huge Korean company chose me as a potential candidate. Cepat-cepat ah panggil aku interview weyyyyyyy...

Company make-up ni pulak (bukan Avon) punyalah susah nak apply kena main game pulak =_="

Realised that research work is not for me, so byebye Accenture and ridiculously good pay.

Then comes the ultimate blow to my ego. This Japanese company thinks I'm unable to recognise rules fast enough as compared to the other 95% respondents. Seriously, wtf is wrong with me? :(

Boleh dapat ke tidak kerja yang aku mahu/ boleh terima??!!

Pape je la..God knows what's best for me :)...meh layan Cik Alice dan Encik Cheshire Cat:

"Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"
"That depends on a good deal on where you want to get to," said the Cat.
"I don't much care where-" said Alice
"Then it doesn't matter which way you go," said the Cat.
"-so long as I get somewhere," Alice added as an explanation.
"Oh, you're sure to do that," said the Cat, "if you only walk long enough,"

That put a smile on my face today.

March 8, 2010

Happy International Women's Day

I found out some interesting stuffs today

-I'm a huge procrastinator (nothing new here, just reiterating the fact over and over again.*sigh*)

-jejaka idaman ASEAN (lebih-lebih lagi jejaka idaman aku) dah kena chupp ngan orang lain.

-Back in Ancient Rome, men would take their oaths by placing their right hand on their testicles, hence the word 'testimony'. I LOL'd at this piece of trivia. No wonder men can't be trusted. They swore by their balls, which are as reliable as the broadband speed here in Malaysia.

-Danial pointed it out to me that I might be a third wave feminist, I was like, what's that? I found out I'm not a third wave feminist, after all. If I were to classify my views, it would be loosely defined as libertarian feminism. Today, I've learned a new school of philosophy!

-Actually, I don't think I'm a feminist. Some of them are a bit bonkers/ extreme in their beliefs. What's so offensive about calling a cockpit, a cockpit?sheesh..

-Before the rambut-tak-basuh-ketiak-tak-shave feminists starts frothing in the mouth, and the Neanderthal man starts to club me unconscious and drags me back to the nearest cave, let me state my stand. I understand that men and women are created differently, and we each have our role to play in this world. Hence, asking for equality in treatment does not equate to justice, rather it is injustice to both sides. I ask for equitability(no such word, I know), mainly, you get what you give/deserve. And we women, deserve our rights because of what we contributed to the religion, family and society.

-I won't ask men if I could be their imam, cause I know I am not designed to do that. But, I would like to ask the men out there to be a fair and wise imam.

-I won't question a Muslim man's right to have four wives, but I would like to ask a question, "Do you think you have the capacity to love and provide for more than one family?"

- I don't ask men to shower me with material gifts, but I would like you to acknowledge and respect my intelligence and my capabilities. And please, don't judge a woman fairly on our looks, we do know that we're the fairer gender, tapi kalau muka kau pun macam muka projek tergendala, sila jangan banyak karenah.

-Don't think for once that we could not live without you. A boyfriend is good for handling car problems, but if a boyfriend does not exist, there's always AAM. God makes us in pairs, but methinks we can still survive somewhat. Just look at all the amazing single moms out there.

-Having said that, treat your mothers, sisters, girlfriend, wife(s) right. Hell hath no fury like a woman's wrath. The hands that rocks the cradle, is able to rock the world, and hell yeah, girls rock! (Peribahasa ini ditranslate dari peribahasa BM 'Tangan yang menggoncang buaian, boleh menggoncang dunia, or sumthing like that)

-To all my lovely ladies out there, Happy International Women's Day. Kalau ada lelaki yang perlu dibuang. Sila buang, nak recycle pun tak laku spesis douchebag cam ni.

March 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Mama

Me: Mama, nak celebrate birthday bila?
Mama: Angah takde kita toksah sambut, tunggu semua ada dulu
Me: Mama mau apa?
Mama: Mama tak mau korang beli apa-apa
Me: apsal mama tak habiskan cake yg along belikan?
Mama: Kita share la. Ayin pun tak balik tuition lagi. Nanti dia nak rasa.

That's my mama. Always give , and never ask for anything in return. Well, except for those time that she asks us to clean up, but that's about it =P. The cheesecake was so small, honestly, the portion is not enough even for a person, she split it four ways with her daughter.

Thank you mama, for what you have done and sacrificed for us. Words could not even begin to explain how beautiful your soul are. You're truly a remarkable woman.

Mama embodies the spirit of all struggling woman. She sacrificed, when she could have walked away. She sacrificed for people who might not deserve her time and effort, but hell, do we need her time.

Despite that, thank you for sticking with us. God knows what kind of a person I would be, if you're not here to lead me as an example. I know I might not be the best of daughters, neither do I express my gratitude as often as I should, but I love you. Sometimes I wish I could be as strong as you are.

Thank you for not showing your tears and your burdens until I am able to comprehend and accept it.

Mama still looks hot even if she has passed the half a century mark, cayalah!!

My wish for you, is for you to find your happiness and yourself again, whatever that might be, no matter how long it would take.