May 1, 2011

Random Rant at 3:49

I'm tired.
I think you should stop playing the victim card.
I think you should stop putting yourself high up in the pedestal.
I think it's obvious that you give credits to your "charity" more than you truly earn.

I had an epiphany just now. It's funny how you tend to think that the whole world is against you; that the whole world doesn't understand where you are coming from. Funnier still, this is probably the same thoughts echoed by 6,852,472,823 people.

Assuming that the notion is true, this is some seriously messed up and lonely world that we live in. But is it really?

I've known people who'd given up their jacket for a freezing child, and they end up having a pneumonia.

I have known young gentlemen who'd stop their cars for random old strangers that are walking and gave them a lift.

I've read about a Chinese who tried to rescue a Malay couple from an accident only to end up being killed by a hit and run driver.

I've heard of good Samaritan that had returned valuables and refused to receive the compensation, and only said; "God will reward me."

What I'm trying to say here is that, the world is not a bad place to live in, and generally, people are OK. What is not OK however, is how you perceive people. Just because you are mistreated by one person, you do not have to lash it out on others.

I realised that people (me included) always tend to over-exaggerate their acts of kindness, and sometimes refuses to see the good things or assistance that others have given them. No wonder we are seeing it from a skewed point of view, you feel like you have done a lot for people, but people don't help you out.

We can never be further from the truth.

And if you helped someone, and somewhere along the lines, you got back stabbed, or the person had hurt you in some way please stop saying things like "I helped her/him out cause I felt sorry,blablabla, and this is what I get". If you want to rant about it, no need to help, you are in no obligation to do so.

Be honest to yourself. You only say that cause you want to make yourself feel that you are a better person than the person that hurts you.

I'm also tired of your two-face, but that's a different story.