January 20, 2011

Story of An Artist- M.Ward

listen up and i'll tell a story
about an artist growing old
some would try for fame and glory
others aren't so bold

and everyone in friends and family
sayin "hey go get a job
why do you only do that only
why are you so odd?

"and we dont really like what you do
we dont think anyone ever will
we think you have a problem
and this problem's made you ill"

the artist walks among the flowers
appreciating the sun
he's out there all his waking hours
oh and who's to say he's wrong

but the artist walks alone
and someone says behind his back
"he's got some gall to call himself that
he doesn't even know where he's at"

and they sit in front of their tv
sayin "hey isn't this a lot of fun"
and they laugh at the artist
saying "he don't know how to have fun"

listen up and i'll tell a story
about an artist growin old
some would try for fame and glory
others like to watch the world

January 2, 2011

Now Year's Resolution

Nope, the title wasn't a typo. I think it's a waste of good resolution if we label things as New Year's Resolution. It gave the impression that you have one year to figure things out and start moving your ass around. Saying it as a Now Year creates a sense of urgency and making sure I keep to my own promises. Thought of writing it down since uhh, well, Melayu mudah lupa.

1. To sleep in early without worrying about tomorrow's tragedy no matter how imminent it will be.

2. Stop procrastinating my work and postponing the things that I love.

3. Go to gym more often. (I promise I'll try Ammu!)

4. Be more disciplined with my Ibadah

5. Manage my finances well. No more small rewards! Go for the Big Kahuna!!!

6. Cut down on the times where I feel sorry for myself. Seriously, you hardly have the time or energy to think about your sad sob stories, Amy.

7. Cut down on my time on Facebook. I've seen what it does to people. It was such a wake up call :/

OK, off to sleep!